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TUAW TV Live: topical talk at 5 PM EDT today

This has been quite the week in the world of Apple: the new iPhone 4 was announced, the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch operating system gained a new name, Safari 5 hit Software Update, and thousands of Mac and iOS developers are building their knowledge for the future at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco. Hmmm...

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TUAW TV Live: Apps, AT&T, and all that jazz

Welcome back to another hour of TUAW TV Live, our weekly live streaming video show. Our special guest fell through for today, so it's just Steve and his magic cameras bringing you the show. That's OK, because we have plenty to talk about (can anyone say "AT&T Data Plans?") For those of you wh...

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Frustrated by no universal video out for iPad? IPEVO P2V can help

One of the things that was a bit frustrating for me after purchasing the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter was finding out that it doesn't work with every iPad app. It works great with apps that are written to take advantage of the adapter, but at the present time there are only a handful of app...

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TUAW TV Live: Apps! We have apps by the boatload!

Time flies when you're having fun, and would you believe that today's episode of TUAW TV Live marks the 20th time that this regularly scheduled show has been on the air? That doesn't include the livestreaming that was done on iPad launch day. We have a growing archive of videos that are available fo...

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TUAW TV Live: iPad love and some stellar Mac app demos

This appears to be the week for iPad love, since we have tons of video clips to show you (and talk about). Games, development tools, and politicians with iPads are all covered. Your host Steve Sande is joining you today at 5 PM EDT live from his new studio! Well, there's not really a new studio, but...

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TUAW TV Live -- Unboxing the iPad

If you were watching TUAW this morning, you probably saw blogger Steve Sande doing live video from the Aspen Grove Apple Store in Littleton, CO. He's home now, and will be doing live streaming video of the unboxing! ...

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Eleven ways to stifle boredom in the iPad line

One of most excruciatingly boring experiences of my life was waiting in line on June 29, 2007 for my first-generation iPhone. The day was clear and hot, and although I had my laptop with me, it quickly ran out of juice as we waited for the official opening of the store for iPhone sales at 5 PM. ...

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TUAW TV Live, the pre-iPad edition: live at 5pm ET

For any of you who were hoping to get through the rest of the day without hearing the word iPad again, it ain't gonna happen. Today's TUAW TV Live, starting in just a few minutes, is going to be all iPad, all the time. I've got a lot of iPad videos queued up and ready to roll, so if you want to s...

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TUAW TV Live pre-iPad edition coming up today at 5 PM EDT

In case you've been hiding in a cave recently like these folks at right, there's a new electronic device that will make it into the trembling, moist hands of Apple fans everywhere starting this Saturday at 9 AM. On today's special super-secret double probation pre-iPad edition of TUAW TV Live, your ...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW livestream from the show floor

TUAW is broadcasting live from the show floor of Macworld 2010. Stay tuned all day long for live video from the show floor, including interviews, demos, and hands-on with vendors, friends, and luminaries. On the schedule today: Blue Microphones, the makers of the Gorillapod, Telltale...

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Macworld 2010: Andrew Gregory of AutoTune the News

We can reveal our secret now: during Macworld's setup, we wandered into the wrong room, and randomly came across a stage shared by David Pogue, LeVar Burton, and the Gregory Brothers A.K.A the AutoTune the News crew, all rehearsing for David Pogue's keynote. The keynote went off well, and afterward...

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TUAW Livestreaming from Macworld 2010

We'll be livestreaming every day that the show floor is open!...

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Macworld 2010: First look at the show floor

The show floor doesn't actually open for about 40 more minutes (as of this writing), but here you go -- we'll get you in, let you look around, and see what Macworld has to offer this year. From the indie dev booths to the towering Dr. Bott and IBM booths, to our own TUAW livestream studio (look for...

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TUAW reader livestreaming Tokyo Marathon from head-mounted iPhone

If you were looking for a challenge, you might consider running a marathon with an iPhone 3G strapped to your head. That's exactly what TUAW reader Joseph Tame of iPhoning Japan will be doing next Sunday, March 22nd (Saturday night for those of us in the US). Joseph was one of the 5,000 lucky people...

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