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Coming up at 5 PM ET: the post-vacation episode of TUAW TV Live

When you've been at sea for three weeks with incredibly slow Internet service, coming back to the land of broadband seems like a drink of vodka water to a thirsty man. On today's episode of TUAW TV Live, your host Steve Sande has a lot of things in store for the audience. After all, he was out of to...

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It's TUAW TV Live, the show where you call the shots

Many times on Wednesday afternoons, your TUAW TV Live host Steve Sande has a lot of video and demos queued up for your viewing entertainment. If you're watching today, you're going to be directing the discussion. It's Open Mic Day on TUAW TV Live, or at least "open discussion day." Through the ch...

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TUAW TV Live: the all-Mac episode

As we promised earlier today, TUAW TV Live is all about Macs this week. If you've been weary of all the talk about iPads and iPhones, we hope that today's show will be a splash of refreshing and juicy Macness. We'll be starting at around 5 PM EDT sharp, and all you need to do to watch or join in is ...

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Coming up this afternoon at 5 PM EDT: TUAW TV Live

It's Wednesday, which can only mean one thing -- TUAW TV Live! Your host Steve Sande won't have any guests today, but will be queuing up a lot of videos and demos of various apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. There's a lot of news in the Appleverse this week, including the announcement of WWDC 2010,...

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(Not) live from New York -- it's TUAW TV Live!

TUAWloha, everyone. It's time for another chapter in the ongoing technical soap opera known as TUAW TV Live. This afternoon's show, beginning at 5 PM, has content to dazzle and amaze you. To avoid any broadcast nightmares this week, Steve will be doing the show solo in order to keep things simple...

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Coming up later today -- TUAW TV Live

Be sure to catch the latest episode of TUAW TV Live with your host Steve Sande, starting later today at 5 PM ET (2 PM PT) here at Barring any unforeseen catastrophes (Steve is wrestling with a server problem at this point), the show will last about an hour and will cover a variety of to...

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Watch live NBA games with League Pass Mobile for iPhone

The NBA, via MobiTV, has made available its "League Pass" service to the iPhone via the League Pass Mobile app [iTunes link]. Like the MLB At Bat app [iTunes link], League Pass Mobile allows you to stream live NBA games onto your iPhone -- over 40 live NBA games per week. There's also the ability t...

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