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Lodsys files suit against third-party App Store developers

Making good on its threats, Lodsys has filed suit today against several third-party iOS developers. According to Florian Mueller, Combay, IconFactory, Illusion Labs, Shovelmate, QuickOffice, Richard Shinerman, and Wulven Game Studios are among the developers targeted in the suit. A series of def...

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Talkcast tonight, 4pm HI/7pm PDT/10pm EDT: Memorial Weekend Edition!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, kids! I've checked and double checked and it's Talkcast time! Since you're most likely off tomorrow, you have no excuse not to stay up late and join me for this week's Talkcast! We'll be spending a bit of time discussing the Lodsys Kerfuffle, developments on the curren...

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Developers band together to fight Lodsys if necessary

After Lodsys started sending threatening letters to developers, Apple took some time to issue a statement to developers hit by the notices which seemed to provide cover for them. Unfortunately, nothing in Apple's letter to developers said, "We'll pick up the tab for any legal costs you incur." So a...

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Apple responds to Lodsys patent claims, backs up developers (Updated)

Update 2: Macworld just posted the complete text of the letter sent by Apple's legal department to Lodsys, as has CNET. You can view the text of the letter below, or see the full-color version on Scribd. The letter asserts definitively that Apple's license for the Lodsys patents covers the de...

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EFF takes on Lodsys patent controversy

Julie Samuels, a Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), said Apple should join forces with its developers to dispute patent infringement complaints Lodsys, LLC sent to several independent iOS app-makers last week. On May 13, a number of iOS developers reported being told the...

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Apple "actively investigating" Lodsys patent infringement claims

The Guardian reported that Apple is "actively investigating" the Lodsys patent infringement claims. Beginning on May 13, several iOS developers began reporting that they had been served with patent infringement notices regarding the use of upgrade buttons and in-app purchases in their apps. The c...

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Lodsys responds to targeted iOS developers

I had a hunch my email to Mark Small of Lodsys landed on the day his inbox blew up, and according to the Lodsys blog, that's exactly what happened. The patent holding company has posted a lengthy Q&A on its blog, clarifying why it sent out requests to individual developers to license its "u...

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Lodsys patent claim threatens independent developers, what next?

Following up from this morning's flurry of news surrounding a series of legal threats to independent developers, there's this thorough and wonderful dissection of the situation by Florian Mueller, an intellectual property activist. On his blog he states, "...companies like Apple will look at ...

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iOS developers hit by patent infringement complaints for using in-app purchase

This morning, several iOS developers have tweeted that they have been served with papers regarding their applications' use of in-app purchases. PCalc Lite developer James Thomson tweeted that he received a FedEx package of legal papers this morning. Thomson lives in Scotland. As Thomson clarifies,...

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