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Logic Pro 9.0.2 is out and ready for updating

Apple has just released an update to Logic Pro, revving it to version 9.0.2. This update provides numerous fixes and enhancements, as well as addressing several issues. These fixes include: Flex Markers can align & snap to MIDI notes Performing a punch-in recording with Replace Mode n...

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Apple store back up; Final Cut Pro 7, Logic Pro 9 released

It's always an exciting day when the Apple Store goes down. And it's not even a Tuesday. Apple has updated Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro 7 and Logic Pro 9. That's good news for artists! Musicians and filmmakers now have something new to play with. Even better, they can do it for less: th...

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TouchOSC and Logic: look mom, no cables!

The App Store is somewhat deluged with music-related applications. While I find many of the instruments to be novelties, the iPhone-based remote controls available for various Digital Audio Workstations have really caught my attention. I've been playing around with the various musical remote control...

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Logic Pro 8.0.2 is available

Attention Logic Studio users. Apple has released version 8.0.2 of Logic Pro. According to Apple, this update "...addresses specific customer and compatibility issues of Logic Pro 8.0. It includes Wavebuner 1.5.2 and Impulse Response Utility 1.0.2, which address issues for Waveburner 1.5 and Impulse ...

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Apple releases Logic Studio and Logic Express 8

With the Apple Store back up, it seems that it wasn't merely maintenance this morning, as the store now bears new versions of Apple's professional music software, Logic Pro 8 (now 'Logic Studio'). Logic Studio's new features include: A new single-window interface (similar to Apertures) Improve...

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Logic Pro and Express updated to 7.2.2

The updates just keep coming. Today Apple has updated both Logic Pro and Logic Express to 7.2.2. Logic is Apple's professional music composition program (think Final Cut Pro and Express for music). New in Logic Pro is improved compatibility with the Mac Pro and optimized support for the built-in aud...

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Logic Pro goes Universal

That's right, kids, Apple's first Pro app to go Universal is Logic 7.2 (which is now available). There is a $49 crossgrade available for everyone who shelled out the big bucks for Logic Pro 7, but if you are using 5 or 6 you'll have to pony up $299 to able to run Logic on that new Intel Mac of yours...

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Logic for Intel Macs at NAMM

If you haven't made up your mind that Intel chips will "save" the Mac platform, Apple demoed the Intel-native version of Logic Pro 7 at NAMM today. How fast is it? Let's just say I'm going to have to call that PowerBook of yours - yeah, the shiny 17" version - a paperweight. Don't go ...

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