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Apple's worst logo ever?

I'm eager to test out Apple's upcoming MobileMe service, the .Mac replacement scheduled to launch in a few weeks. Unfortunately for many, my enthusiasm is matched by disdain for the MobileMe logo. Gawker says " should be on a package of Japanese soap." Paul Thurrott notices a similarity between...

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The iComet

Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy (who I remember from the hilarious and sadly ended Penn Jillette podcast) has posted a picture of Comet 17/P Holmes which I admit, as you can see above, looks strangely like a certain computer company's logo. I don't know if I would have pulled the Apple logo out o...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Eight: Baseball Cap

Another weekday, another prize. Today's giveaway is a baseball cap with the Apple logo on it (and an Ambrosia pack). A black cap, the flex-fit variety, suitable for wearing on one's head. Seeing as how quite a few college students like to wear these things, we hope today's prize will find a good hom...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Seven: White Apple Pen

Before you fill out that employment application you're going to need a pen. This might not be the iPen, but it is a white Apple logo pen from the Cupertino store. There's really not much more to say, is there? It's a pen. It's white. It has an Apple logo. Thus, we shall give one away. Oh, and anothe...

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Apple flag for sale on eBay

After we posted that neon Apple sign a little while back, reader Franco thought we'd get a kick out of this Apple flag for sale on eBay, and he was right. The best news is that right now, it's sitting pretty at only $10 (reserve not yet met, though) flying upwards-- what are you TUAW readers, rich...

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6-foot neon Apple icon for sale

Macenstein points to the ultimate Mac collector's item, a 6-foot neon version of the rainbow Apple logo (which, you'll remember with the help of Wikipedia, was used up until Jobs turned the logo one solid color in 1999), up for sale on eBay. Now you too can own a gigantic neon piece of Apple's histo...

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Apple Tattoo: Now that's a fan girl

In my time I've been accused of being an Apple fanboy, but this girl takes it to the next level. On we find this lovely collection of the 32 geekiest tattoos, with our favorite company logo clearly taking pride of place. I can't say I approve, but you've got to respect the Apple...

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Blast from the Past: Original Apple logo

This one is for all you who miss the old rainbow Apple logo. What seems to be the original Apple logo (pre-incorporation in 1976) is making the rounds of the internets today. So apparently the Apple belongs to Newton. I have to say; it's a good thing they got rid of this one early. So which version ...

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Blast from the Past: The Story of the Apple Clover Symbol

Do you remember Andy Hertzfeld? He was the author of a huge part of the original Mac ROM and he discusses the creation of the Apple command logo in this writeup. Turns out that the logo was based on a Swedish symbol used to flag noteworthy attractions at campgrounds. Susan Kare, Apple's bitmap artis...

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Happy Apple New Year!

Thanks to reader Nik F. for sending in this slo-mo logo from Lars Ivar and Karl Otto. If you have a favorite logo shot, let us know in the comments. From all of us here at TUAW, best wishes for a happy and healthy 2007!...

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Visage Login - customize Mac OS X's login screen

If the design of Apple's Mac OS X login screen just isn't floatin' yer boat, Visage Login might be worth a look. With two separate versions - one for 10.4 and another for 10.1-10.3 - this is one of the few apps I remember where 10.3 users have some features to brag about over Tiger users. As an app ...

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iColours for Apple notebooks

If the white glow of the Apple logo in your notebook isn't touching your heart the same way anymore, iColours might be just the touch-up you need to rekindle your love of all Apple things that glow (of which there aren't many). These 'high quality' filters come in a wide range of colors, and as you...

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Apple logo on Sony PS3 site a mystery

Joystiq, a sister blog, has been following an odd story about an Apple logo and a Sony PS3 site. As you can see from the image, an Apple logo *blips* at the beginning of a PS3 Flash promo movie at Sony's site (it has since been 'fixed', but Joystiq links to a copy of the original movie here). Their...

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Widget Watch: TUAW

A widget author known as tuc11 over at DashboardWidgets has produced one of the best, most useful, productive, and important widgets you could ever download: a TUAW news widget! It's pretty simple, and it checks our headlines (I believe) each time you refresh Dashboard. This way, our headlines stay ...

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The man behind the Apple logo

For many years this multi-hued logo served well for Apple, however, it has since been phased out in favor of a solid color logo (though the color of the Apple does vary). The man who created the logo (which wasn't Apple first logo) is Rob Janoff. Sync has a little story up about him, where you find ...

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