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Free TV spotlighted on iTunes store

Reader Matthew kindly sent us a tip (thanks!) that the TV Shows section of iTunes is currently featuring a five page listing of free television episodes available for download. As you might expect, lots of it is junk-- apparently Scott Baio has another television show, and someone thought it was a g...

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Apple patent: Stream iTunes to your iPod?

Ryan from Cybernet (thanks!) dropped a note about his find of a new Apple patent. These things spring up faster than mushrooms (or rabbits, depending on your preference for down home expressions), but sometimes they are a good indication of what Apple is at least considering producing in the futur...

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Apple releases "Lost" iPod game

I've heard many people complain that the plot for "Lost" has seemed to wander off lately. Apparently, it has found its way to the iTunes Store. Apple has released a "Lost" game for iPod [iTunes link]. It features a storyline by the show's writers, familiar settings (like Black Rock and the hatch) an...

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iPhone on Lost?

I'm not much of a "Lost" fan (I guess you could say I "lost" interest in season one. Ha!). However, many people are, including TUAW reader David who noticed that the UI of a "satellite phone" used on last night's episode looked kind of familiar (Reader loki the first has posted a much larger screen...

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How iTunes saved NBC's 'The Office'

Our old friend Dave pointed us to a Newsday article discussing how iTunes essentially took NBC's The Office off the chopping block, where it was headed last year after disappointing Nielsen ratings, and catapulted it to "the Seinfeld of iTunes." If you're not a Seinfeld fan that might be meaningles...

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ABCs million-download giveaway

It's promo time! In an attempt to woo new customers ABC is giving away free copies of last season's finales of Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy [iTunes link]. One million of 'em, in fact. If you've been wanting to try out that shiny new iPod you just bought, here's your no-risk opportun...

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Omni Group introduces OmniDazzle - "mesmerizing mouse movements"

After weeks of ambiguous hints and torturous teasing, The Omni Group has unveiled their newest product, and it definitely isn't a Sweedish meatball maker. Introducing: OmniDazzle, a "set of fun and useful enhancements that help you track the location of your mouse pointer and provide options for hig...

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ABC launches free streaming experiment

Starting today through June 30th, ABC is experimenting with streaming some of their primetime shows on the web, for free. Now, you will have to watch ads (though you do that when you watch these shows on TV, so that isn't a deal breaker for me) and you'll have to watch them on your computer. The go...

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Lost, Desperate Houswives will be free on the web

Disney announced today that it will make episodes of both Lost and Desperate Housewives available for free via the web, starting in June. The files will feature "chapters" to let users quickly jump ahead in the episode, though not past the embedded commercials. The article merely says that...

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Lost, Desperate Housewives, Ghost Hunters season passes

The title says it all. You are now able to buy 'season passes' for Ghost Hunters ($15.99), Desperate Housewives ($34.99), and Lost ($34.99) on the iTunes Music Store. If you aren't familiar with the iTunes Season passes, it works like this: for one price you get all the episodes of the current seas...

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Widget Watch: Lost (for Dashboard)

The last Lost widget (say that five times fast) we featured was for Konfabulator, but now you Dashboard junkies can get in on the fun of pushing a button every 108 minutes. Am I the only one who doesn't get this whole Lost thing? Isn't it just a spooky version of Gilligan's Island? [via the Uber Gee...

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