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TUAW TV Live this afternoon at 5 PM EDT: The Apple TV episode

When last week's episode of TUAW TV Live was being streamed, my Apple TV had just been delivered and I hadn't been able to do more than shoot a quick unboxing video. After a week, I've had an opportunity to put the new Apple TV through its paces and find what I like and dislike about the new unit. ...

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Apple TV Lowtide (Front Row) running on iPod touch

It's been Apple TV-palooza here at TUAW today. Shortly after discovering that the Apple TV iOS firmware could be downloaded and unpacked, we took our first peek under the hood and saw just how similar the new Apple TV, with its Lowtide software, was to previous Apple TV releases. Soon after, we d...

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More on Apple TV: Playback services may extend to iPad

Could Lowtide be targeted towards playback on the iPad? That's what indications in the application's Info.plist property list seem to hint at. As TUAW continues to explore the new Apple TV iOS disk image, all kinds of interesting hints keep bubbling out. The property list in question lists two entri...

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Apple TV under the hood: first look

As TUAW posted earlier, the iOS 4.1 firmware distribution for Apple TV has just gone live on Apple's Phobos web server. TUAW downloaded a copy and used the dev-team's decrypt keys to peek under the hood. Here's what we found about the "Mojave" Apple TV distribution. First, as expected, there's n...

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