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Tag: mac 101

Mac 101: Use this tip to easily map a contact's address in OS X Mavericks

Traveling to a friend's new house and not exactly sure how to get there? if their new address is in your Contacts, then you can quickly and easily pull up a map to see where they live. Once you have Maps open, driving directions are just few clicks away. To Map a contact's address, just open th...

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Mac 101: A handy list of startup options for Macs running OS X

Need to reboot you Mac to access a new startup disc or launch with safe mode enabled so you can troubleshoot problems with OS X? Then read on for this handy list of startup options for Mac OS X machines. Manually restart: Hold down the power button on your Mac until it shuts off. It takes abo...

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Mac 101: How to move pages between PDF documents using Preview

Preview is often overlooked by users who have yet to delve into the many features of the OS X app. Its name, "Preview," suggests it is only a document viewer, but it has editing capabilities that allow you do much more than merely read a file. One useful feature is the ability to move pages fro...

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Mac 101: Use Quick Look to create an instant slideshow from your photos

Did you know that OS X has a handy feature for easily previewing a bunch photos in a slideshow format? It's a basic slideshow with no option to add music, but it is perfect if you want to quickly show a handful of your photos to your friends or family. To use Quick Look to create a slideshow, y...

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Mac 101: How to enable or disable automatic app downloads

Just like iOS, OS X now has an automatic update feature that allows you to install updates from the Mac App Store without lifting a finger to click. This feature was added in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and remains the latest version, OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Though Apple has embedded the option in the ...

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Mac 101: Using the keyboard viewer in OS X Mavericks

The keyboard viewer in OS X has been serving as a useful tool for a long time, allowing users to view keyboard characters with a few clicks of their mouse. Though Apple continues to include the utility in OS X, it has changed its location in the system preferences, moving it from "Language & T...

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Mac 101: How to use Stacks effectively in your Dock

New OS X users may not be aware of the power of stacks as only one is included in the Dock by default. If you've never used it, a stack is a Dock item that gives you quick access to a folder. Each OS X installation includes one -- the "Downloads" stock on the right-hand side of the Dock next to th...

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Mac 101: How to take screenshots on your Mac using OS X's built-in controls

Did you know that OS X has a little-known utility for taking screenshots? It's a small tool called Grab that's tucked away in the /Applications/Utilities folder and is exceptionally handy for taking screenshots, especially timed shots that require a few seconds of preparation. Grab is very easy...

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iOS 7 power tip: How to swipe through the multitasking view much faster

It's hard to believe that it took Apple until iOS 4 to finally add multitaksing functionality. But you know Apple, always preferring to take its dear sweet time and make sure that a new feature is up to snuff rather than releasing something half-baked. With iOS 7, Apple completely re-imagined the i...

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Mac 101: Supercharge your dock in OS X with these simple key combinations

The OS X dock is invaluable to any Mac user. It's a dedicated spot for you to place shortcuts to apps, files, and folders that you access on a regular basis. Besides just clicking on an icon in your dock to launch it, there are a variety of key combinations you can use to extend the utility of you...

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How to: Disabling iTunes song notifications

Was it only a year or two ago that we posted instructions on how to add "what's playing" notifications to iTunes? These days, we're fielding requests on how to turn the darn notifications off. Yesterday, our own Ilene H was haunting the TUAW back channel trying to figure out how to de-Mavericks h...

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Help family members keep track of Apple ID/iCloud details with TUAW's fill-out form

Now that the gift-giving season is winding down, you may have a less tech-savvy relative who has suddenly found themselves with a shiny new Apple product. Whether they're getting started with an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, there's one thing they'll be needing (aside from apps): their Apple ID and...

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Five tech things you can do for your family today

There's no place like home for the holidays, and certainly no place else where you're likely to encounter so many of your family members at the same time. Chances are, the advice and assistance you provided last year on the technology front has faded into memory just like a wilted poinsettia plant...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: ZDnet switcher has some wires crossed

Auntie knows that some of her correspondents don't get around to sending in their questions promptly -- in some cases, not at all. This week, she's handed over the perfumed stationery to nephew TJ, who has a bit of a bee in his bonnet over Ken Hess's account of his first week with the Mac, published...

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Mac 101: The history of the Command key "pretzel"

You've probably tapped it at least a few times today without ever knowing exactly what it is or what it's called; I'm talking about the strange, swirly square emblazoned on the Command key (that's Unicode U+2318, for the font fanatics). So just what exactly is it, and who decided it would be the sym...

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