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How long will it take to install Mountain Lion?

You're about to spend US$19.99 on Mountain Lion and want to know how long it will take to update your Mac. Fortunately, the folks at Tekserve have updated several machines and shared the results. The New York-based company keeps several demo machines running on its sales floor for customers to t...

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iSync: Who stole my software?

Actually, if you upgraded to Lion, Apple did. When you installed the new OS, Apple decided to delete Apple software that wasn't part of the Lion distribution. It's left a lot of hacked off customers who were using iSync with some older phones to sync contacts and calendars. iSync still functions ...

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10.6.5 now available on Software Update

And just as foretold, here it is -- the 10.6.5 update to OS X is now available in a Software Update window near you. As you can see above, the new version provides a little more security, stability, and reliability in a few areas, helps out iPhoto and Aperture image processing, and should fix some ...

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