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Apple updates MacBook Air models with processor bump, $100 price drop

Apple today refreshed its MacBook Air line, adding slightly faster processors and improved battery life to the portable computers. Apple also dropped the price on each model by US$100, with the base 11-inch MacBook Air starting at $899. All base models of the MacBook Air now ship with a 1.4GHz...

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Waterfield Designs Rough Rider leather messenger bag: Review and giveaway (Updated)

Over the past year or so, we've seen a trend emerging from high-end laptop bag manufacturers like Waterfield Designs and Pad & Quill -- use of leather as a primary material in their products. This not only provides a beautiful finish to the products, but also ensure that your purchase of a...

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Here's what your new black MacBook Air would look like, if it existed

In love with the idea of a new black Apple notebook? So am I. There's just no denying that a black MacBook would be an awesome addition to the company's lineup, though whether we'll ever be graced with such a device is anyone's guess. But just to tease the idea, I whipped up some images that show...

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Twelve South's Rutledge BookBook for MacBook: Uniquely yours

The team at Twelve South has done it again; yesterday, they released the Rutledge BookBook for MacBook, an "artisan leather case" for MacBook. Using the familiar antique book format of the classic BookBook, the Rutledge BookBook uses a special process to make each case subtly different. Buying...

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Transformer-like Dock-It Pro provides quirky iPad keyboard case

To call the Dock-It Pro (US$159) quirky is to understate the oddness of this product. This Parle Innovation device offers a flip-case that enables users to treat their iPad as either a mini laptop or a very, very heavy tablet. A well-designed keyboard represents its strongest feature, but the...

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Flickr find: Siblings

Don't family reunions bring a tear to your eye? Flickr user Matthew Pearce reunites a MacBook Air with its elder in the form of an eMate 300. He also takes a quick jab when he asks, "How can the MacBook Air be an 'ultraportable' when it doesn't even have a handle?" Good question. You can...

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Caturday: I can haz TPS report?

Sometimes we don't need to go any further to find a Caturday model than in our own homes. This little sweetie, Shpizi, owns longtime TUAW staffer and TUAW Talkcast regular Mike Rose. When Mike tweeted this image last week with the title "These TPS reports are not going to lick themselves," I knew...

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Pad & Quill's Messenger Bag and Sleeve feed your leather fetish

Pad & Quill's iPad, iPhone, and MacBook cases have been popular with TUAW readers and reviewers alike for years. The Twin Cities-based company recently jumped into the computer bag market with three amazing leather bags: The Satchel (US$309.00), The Field Bag ($329.00), and The Messenger Bag...

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I want a new black MacBook

There is a stark contrast between Apple's use of color on its computer hardware and its mobile devices. You can get an iPod, iPhone, and to a lesser extent, an iPad, in a number of hues, but ever since the black polycarbonate MacBook bit the dust in 2009, there's been a distinct lack of flavor in...

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Designing a better MagSafe 2 connector

Apple's original MagSafe connector was a simple, but revolutionary new feature for its notebooks. Its T-shaped design also hates being placed in a lap. The straight-out shape makes it difficult to rest a MacBook on a pair of crossed legs without snapping the charger out of place. The second...

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2013 MacBook Air WiFi problems continue to plague users

Since its release in June of 2013, the latest version of the MacBook Air has plagued many users with a number of frustrating WiFi issues. Over a 131-page Support Communities thread started within days of the computer's release, 2013 Air owners complain of latency issues, dropped packets, dropped...

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Caturday: Peek around the Rosie

F If there's anything we've noticed at TUAW, it's that cats prefer two types of Macs: either a laptop like the MacBook Air seen above or a Mac mini. Sure, there are peripherals that are favorites, like the warm and friendly AirPort Extreme, but give a cat a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, and they're...

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TUAW video tip: How to "double-wrap" your MacBook power adapter (updated)

It's the Mac tip that's taking the Internet by storm! Just yesterday, Twitter user J Cornelius tweeted out the following: MacBook Pro tip: Use the small cable to hold the big cable in place. - J Cornelius (@jc) December 10, 2013 Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands...

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Black Friday shopping guide for deals on Apple hardware and accessories

The holiday shopping season kicks off this week with select stores rolling back prices before the big shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. To help you get the most for your money, we have scoured the websites of the major retailers in the US and have listed the sales they have planned on...

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Pad & Quill's crafted leather gear bags should be at the top of your list to Santa

There are at least two of us on the TUAW staff -- myself and Megan Lavey-Heaton -- who have a serious computer bag addiction. There may be more on the team who hide their "problem" more successfully than we do. When Megan and I saw yesterday's news from Minneapolis-based Pad & Quill about...

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