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Confirmed: MacBook Air Superdrive Does Not work with other Macs

Today was a great day for me personally as my MacBook Air arrived from Apple and I've begun to put it through its paces (expect a full review very soon.). In addition to the MacBook Air, my MacBook Air external USB Superdrive also arrived today as well. Naturally, being the curious sort I am, before...

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Win a MacBook Air poster

One item in our loot from Macworld was a shiny new (though now slightly ruffled from the flight) MacBook Air poster. You want it? Sure thing, just leave a comment and validate. It may be the closest some of us will get to a real MacBook Air, until 2011, when all MacBooks adopt the same form factor...

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iFixit rips apart a MacBook Air

Every time a new Apple product comes out our friends at iFixit go way beyond the typical unboxing pictures, and take the whole darn thing apart. They have done the same thing with the MacBook Air, and posted a bunch of very high quality pictures. They found out a few things: The battery is very...

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MacBook Air unboxing pictures and video

The MacBook Air has landed, and people are posting unboxing videos and pictures. The embedded video was sent to us by desenso44, a new MacBook Air owner. Our friends at UneasySilence have taken a slew of pictures of their newly arrived MacBook Air. Are you reading TUAW on a MacBook Air? How is it t...

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MacBook Air wireless problems?

This news comes just as some of you are un-boxing that shiny new MacBook Air. Macworld reports that Apple has updated the MacBook Air wireless release note. In this release note, Apple explains that you may experience problems with older 802.11n routers when using Remote Disc, Migration Assistant, o...

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PC vendors to use the MacBook Air's tiny Intel chip

The World's Thinnest Laptop will soon have competition. Macworld is reporting that (at least) two unnamed manufacturers intend to use the tiny Intel chip that powers the MacBook Air. Steve Jobs made a big deal about it at this month's Macworld Expo keynote address. The chip uses Intel's 965GMS chip...

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Apple posts MacBook Air support page

The first MacBook Air knowledge base article I posted about wasn't exactly breaking news, but you can find out lots of new tidbits about the MacBook Air by perusing the newly unveiled MacBook Air support page. Take a look at the User's Guide (PDF), chime in on the forums, or figure out how to setup ...

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MacBook Air Leopard disk only works with MacBook Air

As we speak many, many people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their MacBook Air. When you open up the MacBook Air you'll see that it includes a Leopard installation disk, as every other Mac does. This Apple KB article supplies us with an interesting fact: the Leopard disk will only work with ...

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Engadget reviews the MacBook Air

If you've been dying to find out what the MacBook Air is really like, and weren't fortunate enough to be at Macworld to spend a little time hands-on with the latest Apple laptop, our colleagues over at sister-site Engadget have been busy testing the MacBook Air, and have just posted their review. ...

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MacBook Air review round-up

Ah, it is that magical time after an Apple announcement: the big media reviews are starting to roll in. As you might be aware Apple loans out new hardware to technology journalists to put through their paces. The MacBook Air, being a new product, was delivered to a few tech heavy hitters (with the ...

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MacBook Air Developer Note

We seemed to have overlooked the MacBook Air Developer Note in all the news at Macworld. This note details exactly what's lurking inside that thin marvel of modern Industrial Design. It also lends credence to reports that the external SuperDrive will only work with the MacBook Air. The Air's USB po...

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Embracing weightless data

I can't stop talking about the MacBook Air. It's so thin, so light and so gosh-darn sexy (in the way that only a machine shaped like a two thousand-dollar toilet lid can be). Since the topic seems to have worn thin with my kids -- my 4-year-old insists that the lack of a Firewire port is ludicrous a...

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John Mayer has a MacBook Air and you don't

When Steve finished up his keynote last week he introduced Randy Newman and after-wards lots of people said, 'at least it wasn't John Mayer again.' I have nothing against Mr. Mayer, myself, but it was nice to have a little variety in the keynote musical presentation. Lest you think that Mr. Job...

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Japanese press unboxes the MacBook Air

We all know what the MacBook Air looks like, but what we all want to know is: what the heck does the box look like? Thanks to a briefing that Apple had for the Japanese press we now know. Check out the whole Flickr set for some photos featuring all the products Apple announced last week. If you're ...

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Found Footage: MacBook Air makes thin in again

Is anyone else worried about Apple's obsession with being thin? This issue has come up before, but while last time around it was supposed to be serious, this time it's just plain silly. While Apple is crowing about releasing the world's thinnest notebook, nobody's thinking about the self esteem of ...

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