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Steam releases Mac stats, share drops to 5%

Steam has released its latest hardware survey results, and there's both good and bad news for us Mac gamers. The bad news first: Mac usage of the gaming service has apparently leveled off since the big debut a few months ago, and while the Mac share was originally around 8%, it appears the novelty ...

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Toy Story 3 and the Mac

One of the things I missed in the news last week due to being so busy at Macworld (along with most of the Olympics, though we did get to watch the opening ceremony at a post-show dinner) was the brand new Toy Story 3 trailer -- Pixar's latest movie has Buzz and Woody in a third adventure, and while...

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The Apple Store is back online

Yes, as expected, the Apple Store is down for the morning, presumably to update us with brand new MacBook Pros and whatever else Apple has cooked up for a release. We'll keep an eye on the website along with you readers, and when we see what's been updated, we'll let you know. Do be patient -- a...

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Some personal thoughts about the Apple Tablet

From every hint, from every rumor, from every direction it seems like some sort of Apple tablet is a done deal. We'll know for sure Wednesday, probably after a "one more thing" from El Jobso. If a tablet is announced, I'm trying to figure out if I will buy one. I already have a Mac Pro desktop, a...

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Flickr Find: MacBook Generations

Oh man. I'm tempted to just sit back and let you marvel at the beauty, history, innovation, and intelligence that is on display in the picture above, taken and posted by Robert Donovan on Flickr (and be sure to check out the alternate view, too -- I actually like the alt view better, given that i...

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Inklet turns your trackpad into a Wacom-style tablet

Now here's a fascinating app -- Inklet is a new Mac app by Ten One Design that purports to turn your Macbook's trackpad into a tablet-style input. The program uses the multitouch trackpad interface to sense where and when you're touching the pad, and then translates that into "drawing" marks just ...

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MacBook Pro sees a price drop

The Macbook Pro, a formidably-powerful laptop, is a bit pricey for most consumers. Today saw a price drop for a top-of-the-line configuration, which makes the price almost $1000US cheaper. That's a pretty hefty savings, although $3600US is still a hefty sum for the average user. A few months bac...

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Macs still cheaper when you look at TCO

With all of the iPhone news lately, some of you may have worried that we're forgetting what got us here: Apple computers, not the other gadgets and doohickeys they sell. But worry not -- we're still Mac-crazy, which is why we'll still link to a Grade A smackdown on the old argument that Macs are mor...

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New MacBook Pro benchmarked within Boot Camp

Finally, someone with more money that I have (I want a new MacBook Pro, but haven't yet convinced myself to shell out the dough to replace my old yet trusty G4 12" Powerbook) has put the new MBP and those shiny graphics chips to the test, and drummed up some real benchmarking numbers in Boot Camp....

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New MacBooks and MBPs can handle up to 6GB of RAM

Is it just me or is it pretty mindblowing what Moore's Law is doing to our computers these days? I remember when 64mb of RAM was great, and even a few years ago, I wondered why anyone would ever use 1GB of RAM (I've got 2GB in my gaming PC, and I still almost think it's too much). But apparently Tid...

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GeForce 9-Series motherboards maybe coming to the Mini

I think that at this point, the Mac mini has moved up into the ranks of the TRS-80 and the Apple IIe as one of my favorite computers of all time. Though it's been rumored dead more times than disco, it's still puttering along as the tiny little computer that could, racking up (we assume -- the mini ...

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MBP vs. MBA benchmarking showdown

Bare Feats continues to pit Macs against each other in a no-holds-barred, up-against-the-wall benchmarking breakdown, and this time around it's the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air in the octagon together. And things go about as planned -- while the solid state drive in the MBA has its advantages, ...

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Tips on replacing a MacBook Pro's hard drive

Friday I found myself doing what anyone who was soon to be flying across the country to cover Macworld would be doing : replacing the hard drive in my MacBook Pro. A smart idea? Well, considering that my old drive was making some not so good noises I thought it better to replace the darned thing bef...

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MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2

If you're the happy owner of a 2.2/2.4GHz MacBook Pro then Apple has a present for you: MacBook Pro Software Update 1.2. What does this update do you ask? Well, curiosity killed the cat which is why Apple keeps the release notes about this update terse. I'll reproduce them in their entirety for your...

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Rumor: New MacBooks before the holidays

Switch to a Mac has performed the old Macrumors trick of predicting Apple releases based on when the product was last updated, and according to their research, we're supposed to see new MacBooks and MacBook Pros before the holidays. On average, they're seeing just under 200 days between releases ...

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