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Microsoft says file converter for Office 2007 in the works

According to a post on Mac Mojo, the Mac BU's blog, Microsoft is committed to getting out a free file format converter so that Mac users can open Office 2007 Open XML formatted files with Office 2004 (Laurie posted about the problem earlier today). This converter is expected to be released late Marc...

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Woz visits Microsoft, shares words of wisdom

Woz's appearances in the media have, of late, have revealed more of his prankster hobbies than the seasoned legend of the computer age we know him to be. Recently, the Woz visited none other than Microsoft to give his book tour's speech, and David Weiss of the MacBU blogged some interesting notes fr...

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Microsoft, please fix Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

I live something of a double life. By night I am a highly influential, and very sexy, Apple blogger/pundit but by day I am a highly skilled Windows System Administrator (though I'm still very sexy). Thanks to the confluence of a nice boss and Intel Macs I am able to do all my work on a shiny new Ma...

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Microsoft Mac BU launches blog

I'm a blog booster (shocking, huh?) and I am all for open communications between gigantic faceless corporations and users. Microsoft has taken the lead with having its employees staff official, Microsoft hosted, blogs. It looks like the Mac Business Unit (the Mac BU) of Microsoft has thrown its hat ...

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Microsoft to Apple: Happy Birthday!

What a grand gesture. Five more years of Office wasn't enough, so Microsoft went the extra mile and released a fully-functional, virtualization app called VirtualPC XP for Intel Macs... Nah! I'm just kidding. They popped a JPEG up on their site saying how happy they have been to ride on the coattail...

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MacBU programmer talks Universal Binaries

It is a good sign that some developers from Adobe and Microsoft are talking about why there aren't Universal versions of their products. I don't think anyone thought that this would be an easy thing to do for complicated applications like Office or Photoshop, but clearly there is demand and the comp...

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