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Russian raid suggests tie between MacDefender and ChronoPay

When the MacDefender malware made the rounds a few months ago, it sparked a frenzy of pundits claiming OS X's free ride in the malware scene was over (and as our research shows, they were wrong. Again). At the same time, we all wondered who was behind MacDefender in the first place. After a r...

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Mac malware 'explosion' missing in action

The appearance of the MacDefender trojan back in May provoked a lot of back-and-forth between various tech writers (including your humble correspondent). Was this a sign that the good times were ending? That the Mac platform would come under ever-fiercer attack from malware authors? That soon w...

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Avast! Free Antivirus for Mac beta now available

Apple released Security Update 2011-003 yesterday with protection from the MacDefender malware and its variants, but some of our readers might want to do more to protect their Macs from malware. Avast has been a longtime supplier of a free (for non-commercial use) antivirus package for Windows ...

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Hours after security update, new MacDefender variant evades it

And the cycle continues. Yes, just hours after Apple released a security update designed to smack down the recently-prevalent MacDefender malware, ZDnet's Ed Bott reports that a new variant of the bogus 'security' software has been released into the wild. This version is called "Mdinstall.pkg" ...

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Responding to Security Update 2011-003 in verse

What is it about viruses and security concerns that automatically lend themselves to verse? TUAW doesn't analyze these things. It merely moves with the flow. Here is our "Burma Shave" style overview of the Mac Defender/Apple Security Update crisis. When those Macs caught 'la grippe' Apple re...

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Mac Security Update 2011-003 now hunting MacDefender

Mac Security Update 2011-003 has appeared in Software Update and is available for immediate download and installation. According to KB article HT4657, the update provides a File Quarantine definition for the OSX.MacDefender.A malware and Mac OS X 10.6.7 will now automatically update the defin...

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Another Mac OS X 10.6.8 build seeded to developers

Sources have told us that another build -- 10K531 -- of Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard is now available for download by developers. The developer seed became available late yesterday, and focuses on AirPort, Networking, Graphics Drivers, the Mac App Store, QuickTime, and VPN. As usual, Apple has ...

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Upcoming MacDefender patch is not the first AV tweak to Mac OS X

This upcoming MacDefender patch is not the first time Apple has tweaked Mac OS X in response to a malware threat. Many people forgot that recent versions of OS X were designed with a built-in malware detection system. Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 Leopard had a validation system called File Quarantine. ...

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In a MacDefender world, practice constant vigilance

A week ago, I did my public service duties and linked the MacDefender protection and removal guide that Steve Sande wrote to my Facebook wall. Then I braced for the comments. Luckily, none of the taunts I expected about Macs now being subject to malware came to light. What I did get was general...

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Apple: Mac OS X update coming to block MacDefender malware

Tipster TJ just pointed us to a new Apple Support knowledge base article that describes how to avoid and remove the MacDefender malware. It's largely the same information that we have in our removal guide, but it's good to see that Apple is now making the instructions available for everyone. (S...

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MacDefender malware protection and removal guide

Screenshot thanks to @jaythenerd The MacDefender malware has been causing trouble for Mac users all over the world; people are calling Apple Support in a panic, spending time visiting their local Apple Store Genius, and getting all stressed out about it. What's worse: the malware is mostly ha...

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MacDefender malware targeting Mac users, instructions for removal

Mac owners usually have little to worry about in terms of computer viruses and spyware, but a new malware attack seems to be causing issues for some users. According to a report on The Next Web, a specialized malware attack targeting Mac users is making the rounds. Users seem to be targeted a...

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