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MacHeist offers free licenses for DEVONthink via Twitter promotion

MacHeist is calling it a "TweetBlast," we'll call it savvy marketing, but you'll probably just call it "free software, woo!" In an effort to pump up the number of Twitter followers for the MacHeist challenges & software bundle, the team is offering followers (who are willing to post a promotio...

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MacHeist 3 begins

Everyone's favorite app bundle/puzzle game, AKA MacHeist, is back! MacHeist, now in its third year, combines a pre-bundle game, where users solve puzzles to unlock free apps and bundle discounts, and an actual bundle of apps, which go on sale at the end of the "heist." MacHeist is a fun way to wast...

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Mac Giving Tree now gives more than Mac apps

We told you about the Mac Giving Tree over the weekend. It is a project from the guys over at MacHeist, and gives Mac users free applications just by creating a MacHeist account and referring friends. They have already given away copies of Enigmo 2 and Synergy, and now they are at it again. If you ...

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Mac Giving Tree rewards you with free applications

As the holidays quickly move through it would seem that everyone is in the spirit of giving (unless you're a scrooge, but that's a different story entirely). MacHeist, a site that has mainly been known to sell application bundles, is offering something very special this holiday season. The Mac Giv...

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More App Store sales figures

Last week, iPhone app shop tap tap tap released preliminary sales data for its iPhone applications. The figures were interesting (and impressive), but at the time, only seven days of data was available. As Steve Jobs told the Wall Street Journal on Monday, the App Store's first month generated about...

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iPhone dev tap tap tap releases sales figures

John Casasanta from iPhone app shop tap tap tap has released the company's sales data for the week of 7/28/08 to 8/3/08. John is one of the guys behind MacHeist, and as such has a history of being open about sales figures; still, releasing this information is a bold move. Although the only available...

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Mac Mix Promo gives you deals on Mac apps, starts today

While MacHeist is on their summer break, Mac Mix is hoping to shake things up in the Mac app bundle community. Their website went live early this morning and allows you to mix applications to make your own bundle. You might say, "What's so special about that"? Well, Mac Mix gives you a tiered discou...

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MacMix Promo to bring super deals for your Mac app fix

Applications on the Mac give you this warm, fuzzy feeling when you download and unpack their .dmg (or .zip) files. "Make Your Own Mac Mix" hopes to make this feeling even better by offering deals in the form of discount tiers for buying Mac applications. You will be able to choose between 27 "high ...

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Last day to buy MacHeist Bundle

Today is the last day to buy the much coveted MacHeist application bundle. MacHeist has decided to sweeten the deal by unlocking SoundStudio early and offering $5 off any Insanely Great Tee. If you are a registered member of the MacHeist site you can also get early access to Headline (an RSS reader)...

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MacHeist bundle extended with VectorDesigner, more

In a co-promote with MacRumors Live's coverage of today's little event out San Francisco way, the MacHeist team has spiced up its 12-application retail bundle with a few new additions: VectorDesigner, SoundStudio (yet to be unlocked) and TextExpander. Add those to the original suite and you've still...

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Free alternatives to the Macheist bundle + more

Many people love the Macheist bundles because of the software. Others like the price. However, we're betting everyone will like some free alternatives to their latest collection -- despite the low price, there's always another, cheaper way. In a list of freebies compiled by Lifehacker, matching the...

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MacHeist retail bundle now available

Today MacHeist revealed their newest bundle of software for sale. This new software bundle is being billed as "12 Top Mac Apps" and includes the following pieces of software: Awaken Cha-Ching CoverSutra DEVONthink Personal iClip Overflow Wallet WriteRoom XSlimmer Enigmo Bugdo...

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New Macheist bundle on the way

Eagle-eyed browsers of the MacHeist site may have noticed a preview video posted this afternoon that indicates a new retail bundle is just around the corner. You can't quite make out all the listed applications from the bundle, but a couple of those icons look familiar... You can get the accumulated...

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MacHeist II and Speed Download 5 resolution

We've commented on the MacHeist / Speed Download 5 saga before, and the entire episode clearly led to some heated passions. As a recap: Speed Download 4 was included in the MacHeist II bundle, and shortly thereafter Speed Download 5 was released. However, Yazsoft required MacHeist customers to pay ...

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The Speed Download - Macheist saga

A while back we posted on the release of Speed Download 5, and that set off a firestorm in the comments. You see, Speed Download 4 was included in the recent Macheist bundle, but the developer Yazsoft was not offering free upgrades for the Macheist purchasers. This despite the fact that anyone who ...

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