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Tag: macos

Life changing software

James Fee has posted about software that changed his life, and it struck me as a very powerful idea. Can a bucket of bits and bytes really change anyone's life? The more I thought about it, the more I knew it was true. Software can change lives, it has certainly changed mine. Back to James for a mom...

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I can't use a Mac unless...

I set up a lot of out-of-the-box Macs at work. If I'm getting them ready for life as a general workstation machine, I just give them my usual run through. However, If I'm lucky enough to be working on a machine that I'm going to be using, I can get everything set up the way I like it. In short, I ca...

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Mac OS on Intel in 1992...almost

I found this article on today describing the porting of the Mac OS to Intel hardware that almost took place in 1992. This was the post-Steve Apple (also known as The Dark Days when Apple was in the business of making beige paper weights), and Novell had made a deal with then-Apple CEO ...

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