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OS X 10.7.3 causing CUI errors for some, Combo Update recommended

It's not a good thing when a simple point release of Apple's desktop OS causes a flurry of error reports with a central theme of "I just installed the 10.7.3 version of Lion and now nothing works." Last night and this morning, threads began popping up on Apple's support forum and elsewhere indicat...

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Apple seeds seventh 10.7.3 beta to developers

Apple released the seventh beta of Mac OS 10.7.3 (build 11D50) to developers yesterday amid the hubbub of the financial conference call. The update lists no known issues and asks developers to focus on iCloud Document Storage, Address Book, iCal, Mail, Spotlight and Safari. The delta update is a 99...

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On this day in 1996, Apple acquired NeXT (Updated)

Updated to clarify that 10.0 was the first official client version of Mac OS X, and that Mac OS X Server shipped prior to its release. On this day, December 20, just fifteen years ago, Apple paid $400 million to purchase NeXT. That's the move that brought Steve Jobs back to the company he hel...

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DevilRobber now "improved", still nasty malware threat

We previously told you about DevilRobber and what sort of unsavory things it can do to (and with) your Mac. (In case you don't click over to read the article, here's the scoop: it's bad. Real bad.) Back in the day (November 1st), it was a Trojan horse and sent a little of your personal info of...

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Poll: Which version of Mac OS X are you running?

According to Chitika, an analytics company, Mac OS X Lion only holds 16% of the Mac OS market share, trailing behind Snow Leopard (56) -- indicating poor adoption of the newest operating system in comparison to previous releases. Even though Apple announced over a million downloads of Mac OS ...

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iCloud now features Find My Mac service

Find my iPhone and Find My iPad have been around for awhile via MobileMe, and we've heard dozens of success stories where people used the service to recover lost or stolen iOS devices. Macs have been reliant on third-party solutions or clever hacking to enable the same functionality -- until no...

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Mac 101: Don't forget about Hot Corners

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice Mac users. After reading fellow TUAW blogger Dave Caolo's post on Mac OS Lion and Mission Control, and then TUAW blogger Chris Rawson's Additional Tips for OS X Lion's Mission Control, I thought it pertinent to mention a few further words on Hot Corners....

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OS X Lion 10.7.2 seed 2 now available for developers

Numerous tipsters have advised us that OS X Lion 10.7.2 seed 2 has been made available to developers. Notification of the update was sent to developers yesterday afternoon. According to information sent to TUAW by developers, there are no known issues with the seed, which indicates that 10.7.2 m...

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From the boneheaded design file: Browsing Versions in Lion

I like Lion. I really really do. I can forgive Apple for breaking my Network Area Storage device, but in general it's a nice upgrade. There is, however, that matter of the "browse versions" feature in iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), Preview and some other apps designed to work with the Version...

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Apple starts selling Lion USB sticks

As promised, Apple has begun selling Mac OS X Lion on flash USB sticks in its retail stores. The US$69 drives (seventy dollars?!) contain a full install of the operating system and look much like the recovery drives that ship with MacBook Airs. You can use the little doohickey to install Lion (o...

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Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET: Living with Lion

It's a summer Sunday, and we're in the heart of the dog days; no better time to talk about the newest big cat, and the adjustments and improvements we've found over a few weeks of using Lion. Come on down for the Talkcast, at the usual time (10 pm ET), and share your experiences. To participate...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Can I use a third-party SSD with Lion?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Is there any (un)official word from Apple regarding the support for 3rd party SSD HDDs with Lion? I desire to tweak my MBP but do not wish to be without garbage collection and TRIM. What advice have you? Should I hold off on acquiring an SSD? Warm regards, Need4Speed De...

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iSync: Who stole my software?

Actually, if you upgraded to Lion, Apple did. When you installed the new OS, Apple decided to delete Apple software that wasn't part of the Lion distribution. It's left a lot of hacked off customers who were using iSync with some older phones to sync contacts and calendars. iSync still functions ...

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Lion: Join captive networks without a web browser

It's a relatively minor feature on Lion's 250+ list, but certainly a helpful one for frequent travelers or coffee shop denizens: browserless login to captive Wi-Fi networks. If you've ever used one of these institutional wireless offerings, you know how they work: first you connect to the Wi-...

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Lion: Diving into your Recovery partition

I spent a good deal of the afternoon diving in where no sane person really wants to spend a lot of time -- in my Lion recovery partition. It's not hard to get there, and it's quite a curious place when you do. [For those commenters wondering about the use of photos rather than screenshots to illu...

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