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Tag: macosxhints

macosxhints debuts hint-rating system

The 'don't-buy-a-Mac-without-it' has debuted a hint rating system, allowing both logged in and anonymous users to place a 1-5 star rating on each hint. As you might expect, their stats page now includes a 'Top 20 Rated Hints' section at the bottom. This should allow you to spend eve...

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macosxhints gets redesigned

The invaluable macosxhints has received a redesign and feature boost. The site's theme has received a stylistic bump, and legibility has improved site-wide. New functionality and features include more topic categories and a better search (while Rob won't use the term 'better', I will). Registered an...

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MoRU - what Spotlight should be?

Rob Griffiths over at MacOSXHints has discovered MoRU, an app that builds upon the power of Spotlight with its offering of far more customizable search queries. Instead of searching for everything across your entire Mac with Spotlight, consider how much handier it would be to say: "show me thes...

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Export Stickies text via Applescript

As you may know, Apple's Stickies isn't directly scriptable via Applescript (technically, you can send a system event). Still, one enterprising soul has discovered a work around, and posted it to Mac OS X Hints. His script creates a new text file, one for each Sticky. Once you've got your text file,...

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Refresher tip for subscribing to photocasts in Firefox

MacOSXHints has published a simple refresher tip for subscribing to photocasts with Firefox. If you've already tried it, you've been met with a .Mac error page, telling you that your browser isn't compatible with photocasts URLs, and it offers an alternate URL that begins with "

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iPhoto 6 can handle non-.Mac photocasts

While Apple might have coined the term "photocast" (at least I never heard it until Macworld this year), an RSS feed containing images is certainly nothing new. Fortunately, iPhoto 6 knows this, and you can easily subscribe to non-.Mac photocasts simply by using File > Subscribe to Phot...

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Install OS X from a hard drive

MacOSXHints has a short and sweet how-to for creating a hard drive-based installer for OS X. Using a CD/DVD is fine and dandy, but if you're in a hurry or you're working with a machine who's optical drive is less than cooperative, the sheer speed and convenience of a hard drive install can't be beat...

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Fix non-iTMS video labels

Another gem from MacOSXHints covers a method, albeit not exactly pretty, for labeling TV video files you bring into iTunes as TV shows. This helps with organizing videos and I believe using the new Search Bar in iTunes 6 (Edit > Show Search Bar). The MacOSXHints post offers a command line tool b...

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