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Tag: macrumors

Unboxing an Apple employee t-shirt

A little while back we posted about the unboxing of an Apple job offer, and now here's another unboxing having to do with becoming an Apple employee -- Mac Rumors has shots up of an unboxing of one of the t-shirt giftboxes recently given to AppleCare call center staff, and once again, even in...

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New Intel Xeon processors due March 29: Could new Mac Pro be far behind?'s Arnold Kim writes that a few of the participants in his website's forum are eagerly awaiting the arrival on March 29 of a new Nehalem-based Intel Xeon processor -- suitable for use in the fastest Mac Pro desktops. What do these new chips bring to the table? Raw power: TechRadar found...

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'Marble' to be the next look-and-feel for Mac OS X?

Snow Leopard, the next major version of Mac OS X, will include minor tweaks to the user interface, according to MacRumors' Arnold Kim. "The new theme will likely involve tweaks to the existing design and perhaps a 'flattening' of Aqua in-line with Apple's iTunes and iPhoto interface elements," Kim...

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Walmart to carry iPhone, but not 4GB, not for $99

Whither the cheap, low-capacity Walmart iPhone? MacRumors' Arnold Kim now anticipates that Walmart will be offering 8GB iPhones for $197, with no mention of smaller capacities or lower prices. The price is two bucks cheaper than at an AT&T retail store. MacBlogz's Aviv Hadar mentioned late last...

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Rumor roundup: iPhone 2.2 firmware details

Apple has given developers a taste of the new iPhone firmware, version 2.2 beta 2, and it includes a host of spiffy new features that are making the rounds online. A tipster shared with us some screenshots of the new firmware, including what appears to be the ability to download podcasts directly to...

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Google Street View, emoji coming to iPhone 2.2?

MacRumors hears news of some interesting new features that may see the light of day in the next iteration of iPhone firmware. The Maps application will apparently have support for Google Street View. It remains to be seen if the integration will be as impressive as that of Google Android, which...

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Courts dismiss iPhone battery lawsuit

If you remember when the first, first-generation iPhone launched, Jose Trujillo sued Apple over the fact that the handset has a non-removable battery. That lawsuit has now been dismissed. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly said in his opinion, "Apple disclosed on the outside of the iPhone package...

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Effin' NDA now applies to rejection letters, too

In response to the negative publicity surrounding some recent, high-profile rejections from the App Store, Apple is now reminding developers that the rejection notices themselves are covered under their non-disclosure agreements. In what is probably a recursive black hole of logic waiting to swallow...

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iPhone factory worker is newly Internet famous

Last week you may have caught some photos going around of a cute Foxconn factory worker flashing peace signs. The photos were found on a UK man's brand-new iPhone, and posted at MacRumors. The mystery girl's identity is being protected by Foxconn, and a company spokesman said that her job is not in...

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MobileMe not so pushy

Many commenters and bloggers hither and yon have noticed that MobileMe lacks "true push" capabilities, even though Apple uses the "push" buzzword extensively to describe MobileMe services. A commenter in a MacRumors thread about the subject took screenshots from Apple's site, showing they had...

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Get your 2.0 firmware on ... early!

Just as the MobileMe software was found early, so has the iPhone 2.0 firmware! Yes, you heard me correctly, you can now download the long-awaited, much-anticipated, 2.0 firmware. MacRumors reports that you can download the 2.0 firmware by clicking this link (iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw). ...

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iPhone firmware 1.1.1 may break unlocks

Mac Rumors is reporting that iPhone 1.1.1 is due soon (duh), and they say that it'll bring an International Keyboard, some extra settings for the Home button, the likely WiFi store update, and an update to the Modem Firmware. As usual, this is a rumor, so don't hold your breath-- this could be...

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iPhone sales training materials leaked

If you want to know how the AT&T sales folk will respond when you object to the iPhone's lack of GPS or 8GB storage cap, well, wonder no longer. MacRumors has posted scans of the entire iPhone Sales Training workbook that AT&T is using to bring the cell salesforce up to speed. Plenty of...

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Put iPhoto on a diet

Avid users of iPhoto who also count their megs and gigs typically notice that the darling iLife app can quickly gobble up a good chunk of the hard drive. One practice that is sure to help inflate the size of your library is editing images. As it turns out, whenever you make edits and save, iPhoto...

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Rumors: CompUSA pulls Mac Pros

Are new Mac Pros on the way? That's what JackSYi, a poster over at the MacRumors forums, seems to think. He writes that CompUSA just placed their Mac Pro inventory as "D status", which I'm guessing means "discontinued", in anticipation of new models arriving next week. He says that all Mac Pros,...

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