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Macs at Microsoft fail to shock

Let's all point and laugh: the folks at Microsoft use Macs! Because, you know, they make Windows, and Macs aren't Windows, and Microsoft and Apple are competitors, and isn't it funny and aren't cats and dogs different? Actually, let's not do this. Let's realize that Microsoft is a company and Appl...

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Leopard to come packed with all new Macs on Friday?

If you listened to the TUAW Talkcast last night (which should be available for download later this week, I'm told), not only did you hear that I have an atrocious backup plan, I burn a DVD every other year or so and write the date on it with a Sharpie, but you also heard about a very interesting str...

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Forget iPhones and iPods, the Mac is where it is at

We've been a little loopy about the iPhone around these parts, it is true. However, that tends to happen with any new product Apple releases, I mean we are sort of expected to exhibit a little more than passing interest in what the good folks in Cupertino are up to. That being said Fortune's Brent ...

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Macs could be riding back seat - and that's ok

Yesterday's keynote announcements that showed off everything but a Mac and Mac OS X understandably struck some fear in those who worry about the future of Apple's computers. Don't get me wrong: while I question how easy it is to dial numbers on a virtual iPhone keypad (fellow former owners of Samsun...

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Apple Store restocked with refurbs

If you're looking for a refurb nano or G5, you might want to pop over quickly to the Apple store. A whole bunch of refurb macs and refurb nanos just popped up this evening and will probably sell out soon. If you're looking to find iPod refurbs, and the model you're looking for is not in stock, be pe...

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Bill Gates: man in the bubble.

You've heard about the Apple bubble, right? The prevailing belief that Apple's stock is overpriced and about to explode? Turns out there's definitely a Microsoft bubble, too. Different kind, though. One that surrounds Bill Gates in his day-to-day role at Microsoft. Microsoft employs a technical ass...

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Apple's US market share still falling and rising with the tides

Yesterday's prelim 4th quarter report was great news for Apple's health as a manufacturer of personal computers - they shipped over 1.6 million Macs, the most ever in a quarter and 30% more than the previous quarter. Today's news of a rise to 6.1 percent market share in the U.S. from Gartner, howeve...

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Windows Vista RC2 doesn't work on Macs via Boot Camp?

It appears the just-released Windows Vista RC2 and the latest Boot Camp 1.1.1 don't play well for some reason. I just tried installing it to round up that Vista + Intel Mac post I've been working on, but the Vista installation process kept telling me it wasn't happy with the drive Boot Camp creates,...

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My theory on why Apple isn't including Blu-ray drives in Macs

Engadget HD linked a theory from Robert X. Cringely as to why Apple hasn't included Blu-ray drives in any of their Macs yet (it isn't even an option in the Mac Pro), despite being on the board of the Blu-ray Disc Association. Mr. Cringely more or less links the lack of Blu-ray in Macs to movies and ...

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Circuit City selling Macs again

Earlier this month we reported that Macs might make a comeback at Circuit City, and sure 'nuff, reader Bob tipped us off to Macs appearing at Circuit City's website, as well as select locations. Apple has their own section under the Notebook Computers category, and CC seems to carry all flavors of b...

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Photoshop Universal Binary? Not so fast.

I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I saw the screencap of an Adobe order confirmation email above from TUAW reader Craig. Despite Adobe's repeated official refusal [pdf] to do anything for Intel Mac Photoshop users until CS3, it looked like there might be big news on the Photoshop front. A ...

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Cats and dogs totally dig Macs

Christopher Phin over at his wildly optimistically named blog, Receding Hairline, has brought my attention to a brilliant Flickr group called "Cats love Macs." As the name implies, the photos all feature two elements: a cat and a Mac. With over 230 members, it's pretty clear that cats really do lik...

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Logic Express 7.2.1 maintenance release

Logic Express has been updated to version 7.2.1. This is mainly a maintenance release, tackling compatibility and reliability with the following issues: Intel Macs: ReWire and ReCycle support, Standard MIDI file export, OMF import, VSL EXS instrument compatibility Blank Sample Editor window i...

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Camino 1.0.1 with security, Java, Keychain updates

Hot on the heels of Firefox releasing a security update, Camino has been bumped to 1.0.1 with mostly security and bug fixes which include: Fixed several critical security issues, including those fixed in version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine. Upgraded the bundled Java E...

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Apple to release new in-store brochures, t-shirts

I'm delighted to see ifoAppleStore reporting that Apple will be releasing a new series of brochures and employee t-shirts in their retail stores to advertise the wide range of creative capabilities their Macs and software offer to consumers. The cover of the 12-page brochure (pictured) seems largely...

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