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Take Control eBooks 20% off via MacSanta today

Still looking for gifts for your friendly neighborhood switcher or new Leopard user? Nothing says "I love you, but I'm sadly incapable of planning ahead and getting organized enough to buy actual, physical presents" like the gift of eBooks. Well, maybe cash says that too. Anyway, if you were in the ...

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MacSanta returns

The MacSanta promotion is back again this year. Basically a number of Mac developers are offering a 20% discount on their products for one day with the coupon code MACSANTA07. The products available change each day, but have included first class applications from the likes of Rogue Amoeba and others...

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xPad developer says macZOT and Brian Ball ripped him off.

Since MacHeist is over, we need a new punching bag in the indie Mac developer arena, right? Last week Mac App a Day crashed and burned in a predictable fiery death. Now macZOT - or at least one of the key players behind macZOT - faces some scrutiny over a licensing deal he made with the original dev...

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MacSanta: 20% off popular Mac Apps

Almost a dozen companies are offering a 20% off sale until Christmas. Rogue Amoeba, Bare Bones, Potion Factory, Unsanity and more. You'll find a full list of participating developers at the MacSanta site. Just shop at their normal company stores and enter MACSANTA as a coupon code during checkout. ...

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