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Mac Update offers holiday bundle

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, MacUpdate is in the process of offering their Holiday Bundle. MacUpdate tells us that their new purchasing system now allows purchases to be gifted, and in this particular bundle if you purchase three copies, you'll receive a fourth free. The bundle is s...

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More bundle fun with MacUpdate Promo Parallels deal

Must be software bundle season -- on the heels of the MacHeist bundle last week, the MacUpdate Parallels bundle is now on sale. MU is featuring the usual unlock scheme, whereby the top-line apps remain off the table until the requisite number of bundles have been sold. For this bundle, as you might ...

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MacUpdate adds SRS iWow 2 to bundle

Now that all of the bonus applications have been unlocked, MacUpdate is back with some surprises. Beginning today (December 13), the MacUpdate Promo bundle, also includes a license for SRS Labs iWow 2.0. The iTunes plug-in, which is especially great for anyone on a laptop, is now Leopard compatible ...

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MacUpdate promo bundle unlocks PulpMotion, deal ends tonight

The good news: against expectations (well, mine anyway) the MacUpdate Promo bundle has sold well enough to unlock the final application in the ten-pack, the Aquafadas slideshow creator PulpMotion. You now have until shortly after midnight ET to get the full bundle for $49.99; see my earlier post for...

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Graphic Converter 6 released

Graphic Converter from Lemkesoft is an arguably under-appreciated photo editor and basic organizer for Mac OS X. Provided free on some (maybe all?) Macs that Apple ships, it is a quietly powerful app for performing a good number of photo editing and basic retouching, and it even includes a basic ...

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MacHeist giving away Linkinus

Last week I wrote about something brewing over on the MacHeist pages, and this week it looks like the project has come to fruition-- it's called Skunk Works, and in addition to the giveaways they're doing with the MacUpdate promo, they're now giving away software. Yes, signing up on that page is sup...

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MacUpdate rolls out a bundle-- $50 for 7 apps

MacUpdate has another one of these bundle promotions going on-- is it just me, or is Mac software the only place (besides, say, pyramid schemes), where increasing bundles like this are sold? I don't show up at the grocery store to buy some oranges only to find that they're cheaper because 10,000 peo...

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Desktopple on sale for $9.95 at MacUpdate

Well shiver me mousies - it's a good thing I haven't quite convinced my wife why I need yet another piece of software, because Desktopple, the powerful desktop hiding and management app from FoggyNoggin Software that I just mentioned, is on sale at MacUpdate for a mere $9.95. That's 41% off its re...

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Widget Watch: App Update

I could've sworn we've blogged this, but a peek at our extensive archives turned up nothing: App Update, like Widget Update, is a widget that acts like Software Update for all your non-Apple apps. It allows you to specify any extra directories where you store your apps if, like me, you put them wher...

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MacUpdate copies Woot clone MacZot

I heard somewhere that there are only something like 30 basic movie plots, and all films are just twists and forks of these original few. Some would say that the same is true for e-business, and they would probably be right. MacUpdate.com has announced a new feature in which a featured piece of soft...

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Free MacUpdate for all of 2006

MacUpdate.com is offering a free membership to anyone who registers in the month of January. The membership will last through the entire year. That's a nice New Year's gift....

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MacUpdate Gets a New Look

I've known Joel Mueller of MacUpdate.com for a really long time. My brother and I used to attend the Traverse City, MI-based Macintosh Users Group (CherryMUG) meetings back in the mid-90's, which is where we first met Joel. He's a bright, talented programmer, and just a really nice guy and I knew he...

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