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Humble Music Bundle shows charity disparity among Mac, Linux and Windows users

I bet that behavioral economists get rather excited when they see pay-what-you-want offers going viral. Assuming the seller is collecting some basic demographic detail, the resulting statistics might deliver some interesting insights into the relative altruism (or discretionary cash reserves) o...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: Tripping down memory lane

I've been using Apple products for longer than many of our readers have been alive. Back in the "old days" before the Internet, it was commonplace to get our Mac news once a month in the form of a magazine. During a recent attempt at de-cluttering my basement, I found a pristine stack of old Ma...

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A trip back in time with MacUser

Reader John sent us a fascinating little trip back in time (thanks!) he took on his blog: he found a 1996 copy of MacUser about all of the amazing applications available on the Internet, and decided go look at what had become of them. Sadly, most of them have gone missing, but the old names sound fa...

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Cats and dogs totally dig Macs

Christopher Phin over at his wildly optimistically named blog, Receding Hairline, has brought my attention to a brilliant Flickr group called "Cats love Macs." As the name implies, the photos all feature two elements: a cat and a Mac. With over 230 members, it's pretty clear that cats really do lik...

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