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Apple shares slide following keynote

Here's a shocker -- Apple shares slid 0.7 percent (as of this writing) after Phil Schiller concluded the company's last official keyonte address at Macworld Expo. Robert Francello, head of equity trading for Apex Capital hedge fund in San Francisco, blamed " true blockbusters" for the market's ...

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iPhoto, iMovie guided tours available

With new software from Apple comes new guided tours hosted by clean cut, well-dressed Apple employees in the requisite uniform. The iPhoto guided tour can be found here and features John, whom we've seen in other guided tours. It's a fun way to check out the new features that were demonstrated durin...

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As expected, Apple releases iWork '09 at Macworld Expo

During today's Macworld Keynote Phil Schiller announced the immediate release of iWork '09. We previously reported this was fairly likely given the slip-up over at The updated version of iWork is definitely more evolutionary than revolutionary. Keynote The first new feature of Keynote ar...

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New 17-inch MacBook Pro unveiled with integrated battery

In Phil Schiller's keynote speech this morning, Apple announced a new version of the 17-inch MacBook Pro that features a long-life, non-removable battery, thinner profile, and an optional anti-glare screen. The laptop is less than an inch thick, and weighs 6.6 pounds. It features a 2.66 GHz Intel Co...

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Apple introduces iLife '09 at Macworld Expo

Earlier today at Macworld Expo, Phill Schiller announced that availability of iLife '09. Not a huge surprise, as a few of us guessed we'd see an iLife update today, but it does offer some cool new features. iPhoto iPhoto has been updated with two features called "Faces" and "Places." Faces, as you m...

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The cat's out of the bag for iWork '09

Take a stroll on over to Apple's downloads page and peek at the 5th entry under Top Downloads. What you will find is an entry for iWork '09 -- which has yet to be announced. We currently don't have any information available as to what changes would be present if iWork or iLife were updated. However,...

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Surprise! The US online Apple Store is down

As expected, the US online Apple Store has become unavailable as it's prepped to sell this afternoon's post-keynote goodies. While you're waiting, why not take a last gander at the rumors, check out our photos from Macworld Expo or dust off your credit card in preparation for a new Mac mini? To our...

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Macworld Expo '09 rumor roundup

As we draw ever nearer to Phil Schiller's Macworld keynote, we've been privy to more rumors than a high school cafeteria. What's the fun of a juicy tidbit that you can't share? Here's our roundup of the latest Macworld Expo rumors. Just don't tell anyone we told you. AT&T Tethering A little bir...

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Rumor: Mac mini supports 1TB storage, SeeFile

Ars is reporting that software company SeeFile may have exposed at least a part of Apple's plans for the new Mac mini. According to a poorly timed press release (it's actually dated January 6th, the same day as Phil's keynote), the "New Apple Mac Mini hardware [will] be supported by revolutionary Se...

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Phil Schiller's death-defying stunt at MWNY '99

Everyone in the Apple community is eager to see Phil Schiller deliver tomorrow's keynote address at Macworld Expo. While we're uncertain as to what he'll do, we know that he won't be leaping onto an inflatable mattress while holding a laptop. Because he's already done that. At Macworld Expo '99 in ...

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Macworld Expo minus Apple still equals Macworld Expo

In the story of love, there is always a winner and a loser (the loser being the one who sits at home with ice cream in one hand and a remote in the other, crying while watching The Notebook). In the romance between IDG and Apple, it seems that IDG is not content to sit at home now that Stevie J. ha...

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Munster: New Macs for MWSF, small iPhone by second quarter '09

Our favorite-named analyst, Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, predicts that Apple will announce new Mac models at Macworld Expo, and a smaller iPhone for the March quarter. Piper Jaffray expects that Apple will sell 45 million iPhones during 2009, though that estimate is predicated on the fact that Appl...

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Rumors swirling around new iMacs

It seems that an upgraded iMac is a shoe-in at Macworld Expo in January. It's a consumer show, and the iMac is Apple's consumer desktop. Plus, it hasn't received a significant change in a while, so it's due. Now that the winter holidays are just about over, the Expo rumors have begun to circulate. A...

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Talkcast tonight at 10 pm, last dance for 2008

Robert and Dave fought their way through a Talkshoe hardware failure to do a great talkcast last week, covering the concept of the 'kitchen Mac' and more. You can listen to the show from Talkshoe's site, or download the episode in iTunes / via RSS. We're back again tonight (Sunday 12/21) at 10 pm ET...

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Apple Expo Paris has been cancelled

You may remember that Steve Jobs attended Apple Expo Paris in 2005 after undergoing successful pancreatic cancer surgery, but didn't deliver the keynote speech. Instead, Steve and a few other Apple Executives held a Q&A session. Apple did not participate at all in 2008, and it was announced t...

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