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Tag: macworld08

Show floor video: Equinux shows the TubeStick

Equinux, makers of iSale, CoverScout and an interesting collection of other apps, was at Macworld demoing TubeStick, their TV receiver. Like El Gato's EyeTV, the TubeStick is a hardware doohickey with the TV parts inside (logically) and some software that lets you watch TV on your Mac. Unlike El Gat...

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Show floor video: JAMF Recon makes asset inventory a snap

For big cross-platform enterprises or educational institutions, keeping track of all those hardware assets can be a pain in the Sarbanes. Fortunately there are plenty of products looking out for your needs, including some particularly Mac-friendly sorts: Keyserver, NetOctopus, LANrev, Apple Remote D...

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Show floor video: Intelliscan Mini does handheld media inventory

We are blessed on the Mac platform with many good ways to keep track of our stuff -- but Intelliscanner takes it to the next level, with a range of integrated scanner and software solutions that will have you tracking your movies, books, wine and comics with barcoded accuracy and ease. We visited th...

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20 minutes with Woz

Dutch site One More Thing brings us a serving of Steve "Woz" Wozniak from Macworld. You may or may not be nonplussed by the exclusive interview with Apple's co-founder, but they use the word "computergeschiedenis" in the post, which you have to admit is a pretty fun way to say "computer history". At...

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Watch the Keynote in HD

HD is the next best thing to being there, and if you weren't fortunate enough to be in the audience of Steve Job's Macworld 2008 keynote, than this is for you. Apple has just made available a HD stream for your viewing pleasure. The stream is 720p (that's 1280x720, just what the Apple TV supports) a...

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A sampling of Mac games on display at Macworld 2008

Mike took a tour of some Mac game booths over in Moscone West. Check out a quick review of Tiger Woods Golf, Sims Pool and Sims Bowling for the iPod, making machinima using 'The Movies' (who'd a thunk it), a brief interlude with Aquaria, a true Guitar Hero (seriously, one of the world's best takes ...

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Show floor video: Gridiron Flow makes graphic workflows transparent

Among the Macworld Best in Show winners was an application I hadn't heard of before: Flow, from Gridiron Software (makers of After Effects supercharger tool Nucleo Pro). Flow is still in pre-beta, but when it ships this summer it should make the lives of graphics and production professionals much ea...

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Sababa Toys shows the iNo

In the Moscone West "first look" section we found Sababa Toys demonstrating their iPod music-trivia game called 'iNo.' Unfortunate naming scheme aside, it looks pretty fun. You push your iPod into the device, it plays a random song while hiding the screen. If you think you know the song (or artist, ...

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Show floor video: Axiotron's Modbook wows the crowd

Who said there can only be one big portable computer announcement at Macworld Expo? The long-awaited Axiotron Modbook -- a FrankenMac adaptation of the MacBook into a surprisingly sleek and functional tablet machine -- was originally shown at last year's Macworld Expo and has finally reached shippin...

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Show floor video: Parallels Server virtualizes OS X Server

While VMware's OS X virtualization offering is described as a 'technology preview' (translation: still too buggy for beta), the team at Parallels is beta-ready with the new Parallels Server product, allowing you to virtualize OS X Server alongside your Windows, Windows Server and Linux VMs. The serv...

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Reminder, TUAW talkcast at 10 pm ET tonight

Between the jetlag and the general post-Macworld fog, I had almost forgotten what day it was -- fortunately, Talkshoe was kind enough to send me a tickler email and remind me of tonight's talkcast. We'll be live at 10 pm/7 pm ET/PT to take your questions, comments, rants and raves about the past ...

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Hello, my name is Chris and I ordered a new MacBook Air

As readers of TUAW are, of course, fully aware Apple announced several great new products at Macworld this year. One of those products -- a particular item I was vocally very eager to see come out -- was the MacBook Air. And, putting my money where my mouth is, I ordered one as soon as I could -- sa...

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A peek inside Cirque Du Mac

What do Mac geeks do after dark? Cirque Du Mac is a traditional Macworld party where Mac luminaries like Chris Breen, Paul Kent, Chuck LaTournous, Duane Straub, Ryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton rock the house to a fairly inebriated crowd of conference-goers. The Mac Observer hosted the party at the R...

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Reader questions: Can you install XP via Remote Disk on a MacBook Air?

The MacBook Air's idiosyncratic approach to peripheral access and software installation has raised an interesting question: how to do OS installs? My assumption had been that you'll need the external DVD drive (or a NetBoot/NetInstall infrastructure) to reinstall Leopard, should you be unfortunate e...

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NEAT Receipts for Mac shown at Macworld

The personal-organizer scanner space on the Mac has been fairly quiet since the departure of the Visioneer PaperPort from the platform (we miss you, guys!), but one of the leading new vendors is coming over to the Mac -- NEAT Receipts for Mac is here at the show and will be shipping later this year...

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