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Tag: macworld09

Facebook for iPhone and iPod touch updated to version 2.1

In the online social networking space you've got your big guns: MySpace, to a lesser extent Twitter and for business users, LinkedIn. Facebook is also extremely popular and now, Facebook's client for iPhone and iPod touch has been updated to version 2.1. Among the changes for this update include fe...

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Wazabee brings glass-free 3D to the iPhone

At Macworld 2009, I've seen some cool stuff, but Wazabee's 3DeeShell for the iPhone wins my show pick for most unexpected cool product. The pitch sounds cheesy; it's an iPhone case that lets you view stuff in 3D, no glasses required. This is why it isn't cheesy: it works. We're working on getting th...

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Macworld 2009: IPEVO shows off photo frames and more

Peripheral vendor IPEVO may have just dipped a toe in the Mac market last year with compatible iChat and Skype speakerphone devices, but it looks like a full-court press coming from them in 2009. At Macworld Expo, IPEVO is showing a full suite of audio (conference phones, handsets and more for Vo...

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HearPlanet free for a little while longer

Just a reminder as Macworld Expo heads into the home stretch, the iPhone/iPod touch travel application HearPlanet is available for free this week only. HearPlanet turns your iPhone into a travel guide, with audio tours of over 230,000 locations. Normally, HearPlanet is $3.99, but it's free during M...

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Macworld 2009 sights and exhibitors

As you may have guessed, Macworld is a rather large event with lots to see and do. With so much under one roof (well, two roofs actually -- if you count the North and South halls) it's sometimes difficult for us to show you everything in great detail. Sometimes we need to resort to more of an overvi...

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Parallels Desktop 4 updated

Popular virtualization software Parallels has been updated to build 3810. The software offers many upgrades and fixes, including Windows DirectX 9.0 with Shaders Model 2 support, as well as "experimental" support for Snow Leopard and Windows 7 beta. The "experimental" caution, as you might surmise,...

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Macworld 2009: Axiotron Modbook Pro

Simply stated, it's the fastest tablet computer on the planet, and it's a Mac. Axiotron surprised everyone in 2007 by demoing a tablet Mac, the Modbook, made by transferring the inner workings of a stock Apple MacBook to a new chassis with a touch / pen interface. At Macworld Expo 2008, the Modbook ...

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Macworld 2009: Interview with Iconfactory's Craig Hockenberry

Twitter is arguably one of the most popular social networking platforms in use today. And, one of the most popular ways to use Twitter is via applications for your Mac and the iPhone. In that space, one particular app seems to dominate -- Iconfactory's Twitterrific. TUAW's own Christina Warren (A.K....

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Macworld 2009 -- The TUAW and giveaway

Here at TUAW we try very hard, but we can't do everything ourselves. Sometimes, we need a bit of help from our friends. This time around, we teamed up with to have a giveaway event at Macworld. But, in true TUAW fashion, it wasn't just any giveaway -- it was a big one. Thanks to the genero...

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Macworld 2009: Interview with David Pogue

Hot on the heels of the Macworld Live show Wednesday morning, we caught up with New York Times columnist David Pogue to talk about what's hot (and not) at the show this year, his thoughts on the "Philnote" and the future of Macworld, the iPhone's phenomenal success in 2008 and his undying love (ah...

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VixML debuts iPhone development middleware, demos 'TrueFlirt'

Viximo has debuted TrueFlirt, a $5.99 iPhone application that demonstrates the capabilities of VixML, a simple development environment for creative entrepreneurs. TrueFlirt, as you might suspect, allows you to send animated "flirts" to other users of TrueFlirt. You can "FlirtBack" with one of a few...

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TUAW First Look: Keynote '09

Call me a curmudgeon, but I detest slide presentations. Ugh, even typing that gave me the heeby-jeebies. I've sat through too many demos during which some absolute bore read to me as if we were in preschool circle time. Not to mention the blue, marbleized buttons and millions of bullet points. Oh, t...

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Macworld Expo booth photos, part two

For your overnight viewing pleasure: More images from the show floor at Macworld Expo. ...

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We're giving away thousands of dollars of stuff to two lucky Macworld attendees

Just a reminder: at 6pm PT we're giving away two huge bags of loot to two lucky Macworld attendees. Be at the South Hall of Moscone, just past the coat check and media registration booth (head toward the stairs) for your chance to win. If you're not here, don't worry; you'll have another chance (or ...

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Macworld 2009: solidThinking offers speed and simplicity -- for a price

solidThinking demonstrated its flagship 3D rendering application (of the same name) that simplifies the process for conceptualizing, revising and rendering for industrial designers. The application makes it very simple to start with a two-dimensional sketch and rapidly create a three-dimensional mod...

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