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Tag: macworld2006

Hands on: Macbook Pro

I also had a chance to get my hands on one of the Macbook Pros today, and I was impressed by the responsiveness of this machine. It is the fastest Mac portable I have ever used, which makes sense but I was impressed by just how much faster it seems. The construction is solid, and the screen is much...

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Vista will run on the Intel Macs

Now that we know Windows will be able to run on the new Intel Macs the question becomes which version of Windows will work with them. Due to the BIOS on the new Macs Windows XP will not run on them yet (we'll have to wait for a hacker to do something about that), however, Windows Vista supports this...

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Macworld unites iPod fanatics and Mac fanatics

During the keynote Steve gave the usual, 'the iPod is doing great' song and dance, however, he did say that this was Macworld and proceeded to talk about Macs for the majority of the keynote. The San Francisco Chronicle has a story up about the folks how have used the iPod as a 'gateway' drug into t...

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No Apple key for Microsoft keyboard

Microsoft is showing off a wireless keyboard/mouse combo that they are working on just for the Mac (I'll post a picture later). This is good news for Mac folks since more peripherals are good. However, when Microsoft approached Apple about licensing the Apple logo for the Command key Apple declined....

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First look at iWeb via a blog made with iWeb

iWeb, the newest member of the iLife family, has garnered lots of interest from web developers, bloggers, and podcasters. Will it be the end all and be all of web development? Ok, probably not, but will it make creating blogs easier? Sam Kass isn't so sure. He takes iWeb for a spin and comments on i...

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Ten reasons your next PC will be from Apple

Chris Pirillo of LockerGnome fame, has written the 'ten reasons your next PC will be from Apple,' in reference to the brand new Intel Macs. He lists some interesting reasons that go beyond the usual 'lack of spyware,' though that is on the list as well. Style, reliability, ease of support, and iPod ...

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Send us your iWeb sites and your Photocasts

Ok, so some of you have had iLife  '06 for a little while now, and I want to see the fruits of your labor.  Leave an URL for a page that you created using iWeb in the comments, or the address of a Photocast. Let's share the love, folks!...

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Workstrip 3

I saw a demo of SoftChaos' Workstrip and I was quite impressed. Workstrip is a replacement for the Dock that offers you a number of features including multiple workspaces, previews, application specific favorites, and a number of other things. I really can't do this software justice, so go check ou...

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Hands on: Belkin Flip for Mac mini

Belkin has a huge booth here at Macworld (and I'll post an Engadget style booth tour later).%uFFFD I asked Burk Murray, director of Belkin product management, what I should look at since I am way too important to just wander around with the rest of the Macworld attendees and he said, without hesita...

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DriveSavers takes us down harddrive memory lane

DriveSavers has this setup in their booth. In 1985 for $40,000 you got 40MB of storage that was far from portable. Today $400 will net you a tiny will 6GB drive. The future is now!...

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Atech isn't only in the toilet paper/iPod dock combo biz, they are also doing other devices for the iPod. The iDuo is one such item. It is a combo iPod dock and card reader that supports CF Type I and II, MD, MMC, MS, PRO, SD, SM, xD, and MG. Now, before you go crazy, this won't transfer things from...

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More Apple - Intel Ad drama: Intel customers not dull

First we find out that Apple might have copied the new Intel ad from a music video, and now it seems that the ad has miffed Intel. Intel helped Apple with some of the ad, but they weren't consulted on the script for the voice over, in particular the section where Intel chips were described as 'trapp...

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Reader report: iLife '06 has arrived

Brett Edwards wrote to let us know that his copy of iLife '06 arrived today. He placed his order yesterday and popped for overnight shipping so iLife was in his hot little hands faster than two shakes of a rabbit's tale. The install took about 20 minutes on his Powerbook G4 1.67 (how old school!) an...

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Comparing the MacBook Pro to other laptops

Lots of people have been throwing out their thoughts and opinions about the new Macbook Pros (I'm still not used to that name), but Tristan has gone to the effort of creating a chart comparing the new MacBooks to the Powerbooks of yore (i.e. last week) and to an Acer laptop. How did the MacBook mea...

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MacGrab giving away software every 5 minutes

MacGrab is giving away free copies of AppZapper and Menuet every five minutes for the entire week of Macworld. They will also be giving away 25 copies of iClip. All you have to do is enter your name and email address and you're all set. Lots of chances to win a great app or two? Why not do it?...

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