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Tag: macworld2007

Health Alert: ClementClarkMooreitis spreads

Tonight is the night before Macworld and numerous Mac pundits have suddenly come down with ClementClarkMooreitis. You're familiar with the syndrome, right? When suddenly (whether inebriated or not) you feel the urge, nay the compulsion, to pay homage to that famous author of "A Visit from St. Nichol...

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Could the keynote turn ugly?

Leander Kahney is concerned for the safety of Macworld attendees; he posted his (hopefully somewhat tongue-in-cheek) prediction of a riot at the keynote over on the Cult of Mac Wired blog. With expectations for product announcements running so insanely high, the only outcome he can see is disappo...

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Siracusa takes Keynote Bingo to the next level

A powerful meme, this keynote bingo is. John Siracusa, the Mac muse of Ars Technica, has taken his WWDC Bingo card concept, crossed it with the flock of Macworld Keynote Bingo generators now in circulation, and come up with his canonical Bingo Card for this year's Stevenote. Unlike the randomly gen...

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Dress Steve for the Keynote

Sure, there's the black shirt and blue jeans look. But don't you think that Steve Jobs deserves more fabulous choices? In this perennial favorite geekculture interactive Flash game, you can dress Steve up (or down) for the big event. Lots of secret, and not so secret, jokes are scattered around the...

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2006 was great, will 2007 be even better?

2006 was an incredible year for Apple. A year ago today you couldn't buy a Mac with an Intel chip (unless you were a developer) and today every single Mac in Apple's lineup is powered by a tiny little Intel chip (remember that awesome commercial that Apple released last Macworld?). Ryan Faas, writi...

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Widget Watch: MWSF 2007 Countdown Widget

Who is excited about Macworld? I know I am, and just to fuel the excitement Jesper has created the MWSF 2007 Countdown Widget (I took the above screenshot a few hours ago). TUAW will be giving Macworld the full court press with a number of our bloggers, including yours truly, pounding the show floo...

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Macworld SF 2007: O'Reilly Speaker Schedule

It's that time of the year again-that wonderful sense of anticipation while we wait for the big day and the new toys. No, not Christmas, Macworld San Francisco! Well O'Reilly and company are trotting out their heavyweights for MWSF, including David Pogue, Derrick Story, and others. Anybody who is th...

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Macworld "Best of Show" award ceremony open to all, submission deadline looms

Every Macworld Expo brings us the Macworld Best of Show Awards, which is exactly what you'd expect it to be - the anointing of the Expo's best, most innovative new products, as chosen by the editors of Macworld magazine. Previously the award "ceremony" was closed to the public, but this year Macworl...

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