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Tag: macworld2013

Rage Software demos EasyWeb at Macworld: a modern replacement for iWeb

Apple's abandonment of iWeb has left a lot of would-be web admins unhappy. If you had a pre-Mac App Store copy of the app on DVD, you can still install it and even design sites, but some of the previous functionality and MobileMe iWeb publishing is gone. Rage Software is demoing EasyWeb at Macw...

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Airturn is a Bluetooth-enabled music page turner for iPad

We heard about the Airturn when it first released a few years ago, and the company is here at Macworld/iWorld 2013 this week in San Francisco, showing off both the older two-pedal unit, and the brand new four-pedal unit you can see above. That piece in the middle of each unit is a Bluetooth dev...

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Kröme case for iPhone promises interchangeable add-ons

Danville, Calif.-based Kröme has a unique angle on the growing trend of iPhone cases that feature storage for things like credit cards, keys and cash (such as the iLid we recently checked out). For its signature product, the company is planning a range of interchangeable "cartridges" that ad...

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MMT offers a mobile monitor for your Mac or iPad

This is the first Macworld for MMT, Mobile Monitor Technologies, and the company is offering a slightly different twist on portable USB monitors. Each is wrapped in brushed aluminum, and each has a nice build quality with what appears to be an outstanding screen. But there's a model with a nume...

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Daylight Viewfinder keeps the sun from spoiling your photo taking

I've been pretty successful thus far in my ongoing quest to find the most unusual accessories here at Macworld/iWorld 2013, what with products like the BowBlade catching my eye. Today I ran across a little doodad called the Daylight Viewfinder, which is an optical viewfinder -- the kind you'll ...

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Telekinesis Kyle is an upcoming platformer with psychic power

There aren't all that many games on the expo floor at Macworld/iWorld 2013 this year, unfortunately. It seems like a lot of game developers stayed home, as most of the apps on display are utility or productivity apps. There are a few games out there in Appalooza (as the app section of the sho...

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Omni Group's Ken Case on OmniFocus 2 and the origins of the app

One of the true joys of attending Macworld is getting to talk to some of the best developers in the world. Among the best of the best in the Apple world is Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group. Today the company officially announced OmniFocus 2, the next generation of its flagship task management / ...

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Macworld/iWorld 2013 Best of Show winners announced

More than 250 exhibitors and a plethora of media and fans are on hand at the Moscone Center this week in San Francisco, and there are a number of products that stand out. The Macworld staff cloistered themselves in their super-secret bunker to determine the absolute best out of the products on ...

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XMG Studios announces Evil Empire, Hero and one more at Macworld

Just as they were last year, XMG Studios is on the floor of Macworld/iWorld 2013 in San Francisco. XMG has three new games to talk about that aren't playable just yet, but should be released this year. XMG's Lydia Schaele told us about a big title called Evil Empire. It's darker and more styl...

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A taste of Macworld/iWorld 2013: Bowblade, Eset, Kanex and more

Here's a little taste of the atmosphere on the floor of Macworld/iWorld 2013, plus a closer look at the Bowblade we wrote up yesterday, a chat with the antivirus/anti-malware maker Eset, and a look at what's new from Kanex. Enjoy! ...

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Attending Macworld/iWorld 2013? Join us for the TUAW Meetup tonight

For the past few years at Macworld Expo and Macworld/iWorld, we've sponsored a meetup to get together with TUAW readers, enjoy each other's company and do some great giveaways. This year is no exception, and we have a meetup planned for tonight -- Friday, February 1, 2013 -- starting at 8:30 PM...

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OWC shows NuGuard KX rugged cases, 3.5" Viper SSD at Macworld 2013 (Updated)

Other World Computing is a popular manufacturer and seller of a big line of Apple-friendly hardware, and as usual they have a commanding presence at Macworld/iWorld 2013. Among the new products the company announced this year are the NuGuard KX rugged cases for iPhone and an upcoming 3.5-inch SSD ...

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Spicebox's Mauz aims to make your iPhone an all-in-one controller

One of the weirdest devices I've seen so far here at Macworld is Spicebox's Mauz controller. The company recently started a Kickstarter for the project (their second, after a case that tracks your opening of multiple beers called the Intoxicase), but even though that campaign hasn't yet come an...

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Aspyr Media charges on in the wild world of Mac gaming

I've been vocal for many, many years now about Aspyr and their like, and exactly how I feel about them. I'm a big fan of gaming, of course, and a big fan of Apple and the Mac. And Aspyr sits right at the intersection of those two worlds: They're a company, based in Austin with about 50 employee...

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Crowdfunding collective TinyLightbulbs shows off its iOS products

Last year, e-commerce site TinyLightbulbs formed in Denver, focusing on products that are funded via crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. TinyLightbulbs brought five of the products available on its site Macworld/iWorld 2013, including: SlingShot: This smartphone stand rec...

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