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Rumor Watch: New Mac mini go for launch

When it comes to the Mac mini, there are people out there who know everything there is to know... and now, those savvy sources are telling TUAW that they are confident a new Mac mini is set to be announced at Macworld Expo 2009 next week. While many details are still vague -- we still have no idea i...

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The Silent Keynote Campaign

The Apple keynote address at Macworld Expo is usually a boisterous affair, full of cheering, applause, and anxious chatter about new products. With 2009 being the last year of Apple's attendance at Macworld Expo, Lesa Snider King thinks that a silent protest might send a message to Apple's leadershi...

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OpenCL 1.0 ratified; is Snow Leopard now ready for launch?

There's been quiet anticipation for the last 6 months for OpenCL (Open Computing Language), which is an Application Programming Interface standard allowing developers to take advantage of the power of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in parallel with multi-core processors. The result? Applications...

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