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Use Mac OS X keyboard and shortcuts on Windows

If you're jonesing for your Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts to work on Windows, or if you just can't give up Apple's keyboard while using Boot Camp, the AppleK Pro keyboard driver for Windows might just be your fix. This little driver allows you to use most Mac OS X shortcuts (such as cmd - shift 3/4 fo...

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MacZOT is back with more ambiguity in the form of a special edition triple-Xtreme MysteryZOT they're calling StoryZOT. Three mustery developers talk about their pasts, how they came to write software, and their philosophies on various issues. One application out of each of the developer's software o...

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MacUpdate copies Woot clone MacZot

I heard somewhere that there are only something like 30 basic movie plots, and all films are just twists and forks of these original few. Some would say that the same is true for e-business, and they would probably be right. MacUpdate.com has announced a new feature in which a featured piece of soft...

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MacZot and Disco ask you to trust them

MacZot and the guys behind AppZapper are asking all you hard working readers to fork over your cash for a yet-to-be-announced application by the name of Disco. The idea is you get in early at a price way below what the app will eventually cost; and you get access to the private beta. Not much is kno...

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Want a free copy of your favorite Mac app? The crazy kids at macZOT are offering just that if you're the first person to suggest an app you'd like to see on macZOT, and they do cover it. They post a long list of apps that have already been suggested, so you'll have to find something relatively obsc...

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BlogZot: HoudahSpot

Spotlight is great, but its interface leaves one wanting. Its difficult to specify location, file type, date modified, and other types of file data without going out of your way to learn spotlight commands. HoudahSpot introduces a whole new way to interact with spotlight. Upon opening the program, o...

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macZOT! giving away AppZapper

What will those kooky kids at macZOT! do next? Well, at the moment they seem determined to give away 2000 copies of AppZapper, kind of. As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this life. macZOT! will lower the price of AppZapper by 5 cents for every blog that links to them, until the...

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MacZOT fever spreading with MysteryZOTs

Remember MacZOT, the bargain-a-day shareware site? It seems like it's catching on as wildfire, as they now have a "MysteryZOT" offering that seems to be all the rage. A MysteryZOT is a bundle of a few shareware apps for a ridiculously low price. The catch is that you have to place an order...

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