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Madden 25 scores CoachGlass companion app so you can pretend to be a defensive coordinator

With yearly Madden titles appearing for every platform under the sun, Microsoft is attempting to set itself apart with CoachGlass, a companion app that will work exclusively with Madden 25 for Xbox One. CoachGlass will let players up their defensive game by offering information on opponents, inclu...

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Pre-order Madden 25 on Amazon, get a deal for NFL app streaming

This is an excellent deal for any iOS owners who are fans of football and video games. EA is releasing the 25th anniversary iteration of the Madden football series this year, called Madden 25. And in the Anniversary Edition, which costs US$100, there will be a deal with DirecTV and the NFL to se...

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EA Mobile drops the price on Madden NFL 11 for iPad to $6.99

EA Mobile's popular Madden NFL 11 for the iPad is now available for $6.99 for a limited time. Grab it while you can as this price drop is almost 50% off the regular price of $12.99. The app brings the gameplay of the Madden iPhone football series to big screen of the iPad. The iPad version make...

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GDC09: iPhone gaming roundup

The Game Developers Conference is on in San Francisco, and game companies are starting to pull out the major announcements on what's coming to the iPhone in the next year. Here's a roundup of all the titles we've heard mentioned already. EA announced a huge lineup of ports from their already pop...

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Madden and the iMac: a story of woe

Mac | Life wasn't content to just read about Madden 08 on the Mac-- they tried to actually run it. And for all of us Mac gamers out there, I'm sorry to say the experience didn't go well. Now, we already knew that neither Madden nor Tiger Woods would run on any Mac with the GMA950 graphics processo...

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Madden, Tiger Woods '08 now available on Apple Store

As a couple of you astute readers have noticed (thanks!), Madden NFL '08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 are now available on the Apple Store, just a little over a month after they were released for PC and consoles last August. A month isn't too bad for Mac ports-- at least the football season is sti...

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EA officially backs off of Mac releases

Shame on you, EA! Shame! Back at WWDC, you promised to release four of your franchise games simultaneously on PC and Mac in July. But July came and went, and we saw (and played) nothing. And now EA has told Apple Insider that Mac faithful shouldn't have held their breath on those promises-- Madden 0...

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