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Reader's Digest creative director offers tips for magazine iPad design

Robert Newman, creative director of Reader's Digest, sat down with TMG's Engage to discuss how the magazine made the digital transition to publishing on the iPad. The article offers good advice in how to take a publication digital, as well as how it could influence a print product in return. It...

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Conde Nast to track iPad readership

It's been two long years for advertisers working with Conde Nast and their digital magazines. Until now, the publication has provided advertisers with only minimal details on its digital readership. An AdAge report suggests this is all about the change. Because of the newness of the medium, C...

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Kickstarter-funded PXL Magazine debuts on the iPad

Randy Nelson is a former colleague of mine over at Joystiq, and he stepped away from our gaming-focused sister site last year to follow his own path. Part of that path includes a new gaming magazine project called PXL, which Nelson posted on Kickstarter back in January. With a humble budget of ...

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Flipboard 1.8 adds cover stories to iPad

An update to the popular Flipboard introduces cover stories to the iPad version, something that's been available for the iPhone since its introduction in December. Cover stories culls a selection of interesting articles and photos, presenting them in a magazine-cover format for easy viewing. The i...

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Google Currents is latest Newspad reader-feeder app

We had an explosion of news apps this week. Zite added an iPhone version of its app, so did Flipboard. Now Google has joined the party with Google Currents, a free app that creates a magazine for you based on sites that you like, as well as content from particular bloggers and commentators. The a...

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Flipboard for iPhone released

Flipboard, the popular personal magazine app that's been tremendously successful on the iPad, has been updated to a universal version that now also works on the iPhone and iPod touch. Other features included in the latest Flipboard update include: Cover Stories for iPhone, a selection of in...

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Study shows iPad owners read more magazines

The iPad is the perfect tablet for consuming magazines. It's the right size and its interactive features can make a magazine come to life. The Association of Magazine Media realizes that and asked 1,009 mobile magazine readers about their experience reading digital magazines. Not surprisingly, ...

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Quark will host iPad publishing seminars

As noted by MacObserver, Quark is pushing the new App Studio feature of QuarkXPress 9.1 by offering designers two seminars to help them use this new publishing tool. App Studio lets designers create their own multimedia-rich iPad magazine app using the familiar interface of QuarkXpress. It incl...

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TRVL: Getting the e-magazine right

I've tried just about every iPad magazine app that has made it to market. For many of the e-mags, the subscription cost is more than the value of the content. Some magazines are using the traditional advertising model to create a revenue stream, and fill their pages with annoying static ads (alth...

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CNN reportedly buys iPad magazine app Zite

Techvibes is reporting that CNN is buying Vancouver-based iPad magazine app Zite for up to US$25 million. Zite is an iPad magazine app that aggregates news based on your personal preferences. Personalized magazine aggregator apps are becoming increasingly popular on the iPad. Other similar ap...

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Maxim HD for iPad to halt production, will re-emerge via Mag+

Maxim stirred up some fears among the early 20-something male demographic when it announced that its iPad app Maxim HD would no longer be updating past the June issue. This led many to assume that Maxim was leaving the iPad as a digital distribution platform. Well fear not, frat boys, Maxim PR ...

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The New Yorker has sold 20,000 annual paid iPad subscriptions

The New Yorker has sold more than 20,000 annual paid iPad subscriptions since Conde Nast overhauled its iPad magazine strategy in May. 20,000 readers are now subscribed to the annual US$59.99 iPad-only edition of the quintessential news, social, and literary magazine while every week another 5,00...

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Create content-centric iPhone & iPad apps on the fly with GENWI

The site has rebranded itself today as GENWI (the name of the parent company) and expanded to offer iPad app creation in addition to iPhone and Android apps. With a straightforward CMS engine, the service lets you create either mobile HTML5 web apps or true native apps around your con...

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UK GQ subscribers will get iPad version for free

Conde Nast has told Pocket-lint that UK subscribers to its print edition of GQ will get the iPad version of the magazine for free. Currently the UK GQ Magazine iPad app is a free download, but users have to pay £2.40 per issue. However, Conde Nast is working with Apple to bring annual subsc...

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Time Inc. exec makes the leap to iPad startup Flipboard

The New York Post is reporting that digital journalist Josh Quittner is leaving Time magazine to join startup Flipboard as its new editorial director. Flipboard is a personalized social magazine app for the iPad. You can enter your Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow any number of sites' RSS ...

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