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Condé Nast adds additional publications to iPad subscription options

Condé Nast was rumored to be reconsidering its pricing of subscription content on the iPad, but apparently that won't keep the publisher from expanding its offerings anyway. The company is going to be offering Allure, Glamour, Golf Digest and Vanity Fair in the mix, so users who want to ...

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Conde Nast rethinks its iPad strategy

A few weeks ago, after Conde Nast announced the company was slowing the process of bringing magazines to the iPad due to the ability to deliver the scale advertisers want (ie: iPad magazine sales suck), I wrote that sales of magazines on the iPad wouldn't get better until publishers woke up and re...

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The Daily gets 800K downloads but loses $10 million this quarter

The latest quarterly results from News Corporation say The Daily, the much-publicized iPad newspaper, has lost US$10 million. Much of the loss is associated start-up costs. News Corp. reports The Daily costs about $500,000 a week to produce, and revenues depend on advertising and subscriptions. T...

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Hearst and Apple come to terms on subscriptions

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hearst and Apple have come to an agreement over iPad magazine subscriptions. According to the WSJ, Hearst will begin selling a range of its magazines through iTunes for US$1.99 an issue or $19.99 for an annual subscription. Three magazines will kick o...

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Making your own iPad magazine

A lot of publications are adding iPads and other portable devices to their distribution chains. As a result, we're beginning to see some solutions for small- and medium-sized companies that are starting to approach the idea of offering a self-publishing solution. You can always send people a PDF,...

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Conde Nast decision exemplifies why publishers need to rethink iPad magazines

Today representatives from Conde Nast told AdAge that they are slowing the addition of any new Conde Nast magazines to the iPad. Why? According to AdAge, Conde Nast feels "conditions aren't quite right yet to deliver the ideal app editions at the kind of scale that advertisers want." In other w...

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Apple Xcode magazine template could streamline iPad publishing

Magazines and newspapers on the iPad would appear to be a perfect match for the device, but attempts such as Rupert Murdoch's The Daily and Sir Richard Branson's Project have met with limited success. There are many possible reasons for this, ranging from Apple's demands for 30 percent of all reve...

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Elle, Nylon and Pop Sci gladly adopt Apple's subscription terms

Not every publisher's feathers were ruffled by the changes Apple made to its subscription policy earlier this week. While Rhapsody may have responded negatively to the changes, some publishers are accepting the new terms and adopting Apple's new subscription model. According to Advertising Age, thr...

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Google may introduce in-app purchasing to compete with Apple's model (Updated)

Google may debut its new in-app purchasing and subscription system to compete with Apple's controversial model. Similar to Apple, the Google system would let users purchase upgrades and other digital content within an application using Android's built-in payment system, Google Checkout. The new sys...

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Apple's subscription model is boon to consumers, bad for publishers

As we reported earlier, Apple announced the arrival of new subscription services for apps in the App Store today. According to the press release, subscriptions purchased from within the App Store will utilize the same billing system currently employed for app and in-app purchases. Publishers are fr...

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App Store terms and conditions updated to cover subscriptions

If you download The Daily (or any other app) from the App Store today, you'll be prompted to read and accept new terms and conditions. The update addresses subscriptions; something we and publishers have been anticipating and debating for a long time. According to the new T&C, "Purchases o...

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The French gain a 3D iPad Newstand

We've heard much talk of a virtual NewsStand for the iPad, but have yet to see one, until now. It seems, the French are the first to get a selection of magazines available on the iPad all from one app -- in virtual 3D, no less. Le Kiosque, by, is a free iPad app that sells magazines ...

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Despite strong start, iPad magazines not faring well over time

There's good news and bad news on the iPad publication front. First of all, lots of iPad magazines seem to be having respectable launches -- Wired's first iPad edition did a full 100,000 downloads earlier this year, and other magazines have seen similarly large numbers at launch, as customers downl...

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Apple, publishers still debating magazine subscriptions

There's yet another standoff between Apple and established media companies. While Apple and the recording industry seem to have finally reached something approaching détente if not peace, magazine publishing companies are still wary about letting Apple become the ultimate power in their unive...

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New Yorker, Gourmet iPad apps debut

Two highly-anticipated iPad app releases have finally hit the App Store, and they're both magazines: The New Yorker and Gourmet Live. The New Yorker (free for the app, US$4.99 per issue) joins Gourmet Live as the latest magazine apps from publisher Condé Nast. The navigation is simple: tap...

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