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A less-than-graceful keynote

We've seen the keynote in 60 seconds, and we've seen the "only the adjectives" 'approach before. Here's a slightly less complimentary way to show off the keynote, though, with all of the "ums," "aahs," and other interjections that popped up during the iPhone OS 4.0 keynote a while back. Far be...

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Found Footage: Say hello to ePad

Apple is definitely one of the world's most admired companies, but their lofty ambitions, high visibility, and easy-to-identify style also makes them ripe for parody, as in this very funny video by the UK's E4. They're boasting about a madeup device called the ePad, which will wow you with its re...

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MagiCal: Menubar Calendar

MagiCal is a cool little calendar application from Charcoal Design. As you can see it just puts a drop-down calendar in your menubar for easy access. In addition, you can actually "tear off" a month and leave it on your desktop (handy for making reservations, I find). MagiCal can also add the date ...

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