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AppleScripting Email > Developing a Quoted Reply Service

A reader recently wrote to me with a problem. Apparently, Microsoft Outlook no longer contains the ability to create quote level chunks of text when replying to messages in plain text format. Why this functionality was removed, I can't say. But, with a little help from AppleScript and Automator, I...

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AppleScripting Microsoft Outlook > Announce New Emails By Voice

In my last post, I demonstrated how to write an AppleScript that verbally announces when new emails arrive in Mail. Some readers asked whether the same thing could be accomplished with Microsoft Outlook. It certainly can. Here's how... Creating and Installing the Script 1. Launch AppleScript E...

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AppleScripting Mail > Announce New Emails By Voice

You're in the kitchen cooking dinner, or sitting down watching TV, or exercising. Ding! You have a new email. Quickly, run to your Mac to see who it's from. Meh, spam. Ding! Meh, a message from your boss. Ding! Meh. Sure would be nice if Mail could announce who's emailing you. That way, you could ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me customize notifications

Dear Aunt TUAW, I have several Mail accounts. One for work, one personal, and one that gets a lot of junk. I like all of them to come into my Mail app, but I don't need a notification in Mountain Lion every time a piece of junk mail comes through. Is there a way to only enable notifications f...

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Mountain Lion 101: Silencing Notification Center alerts

Mountain Lion's Notification Center is handy. It displays banners and alerts from notification-aware apps to keep you informed of changes, like a new Twitter mention, Calendar event or email message. That last one can get distracting, depending on how much email you receive. Here are some ways to ...

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Mountain Lion 101: Mail VIPs

This Mountain Lion 101 feature is a quickie -- Apple's Mail app now has a new feature called VIPs that gives you one-click access to emails from those very important people in your life. Emails from VIPs have a star next to the sender's name, and a mailbox for each VIP is added to the Favorit...

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iOS 5 features: Mail

Of the many new features in iOS 5, some of the most subtle changes came with the Mail app. iCloud now brings a free email account to anyone who wants to snag one, and that email account is accessible from any device -- Apple or not. First, text can now be formatted using bold, italic, or underl...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me expand Mail's tracking-fu

Dear Aunt TUAW, I really like Mail 5's shipment tracking feature, but it only seems to look up shipments in USPS. What if I have a package arriving from some other service? Is there a way to change what site Mail looks up for tracking info? Your loving nephew, Bob V. Dear Bob, Those ...

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A few nasty gotchas in Lion

Any major system update always has a few bugs and surprises, and Lion is no exception. There are two bugs that hit me directly -- one in Mail, and the other in working with network attached storage (NAS) devices. Let me hit NAS first. I have a pretty old Buffalo Linkstation that I use to back u...

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Lion Mail: Faster, full-screen, and feature-packed

During my testing of OS X Lion during the last month, I decided to take a break from my beloved Sparrow to see if the reboot of could bring me back into the fold. I hate to tell the Sparrow team, but I'm heading to back to Mail. In this post, I'll discuss the features that have made me ha...

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MobileMe webmail balks at political bulk mailings

Unfortunately, as originally reported by John Brownlee at Cult of Mac, it looks like Apple may be filtering out emails sent from the online MobileMe client based on content. The story is that a user was trying to send an email mentioning "Authoritarian Oppressive Regimes," and when sent, those ...

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Clearing old addresses from Mail's auto-complete list

If you find yourself inadvertently emailing friends or colleagues at the address they quit using years ago, chances are's Previous Recipients list is at fault. It's easy enough to clear out the cruft; just go to Mail's Window menu and choose Previous Recipients. Select the addresses yo...

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Postbox 2.5 out with new Mac theme, 64-bit mode

Postbox is a favored alternate email client among the TUAW staff and version 2.5 was just released with a number of updates. This includes Postbox now running in 64-bit mode along with a new theme, interface and icon set that does much to make it look similar to the built-in Mail app, but retain...

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New iCloud FAQ: Yes, there will be webmail

Since iCloud was announced by Apple on June 6, the TUAW inbox has been filled to capacity with questions about the many features of Apple's cloud computing platform of the future. Unfortunately, we have been just as much in the fog as you have about what features are moving from MobileMe to iCl...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: MailTab

Even with the upcoming overhaul to Mail in Lion, there are still plenty of alternatives for accessing your Gmail in OS X without going through the default Several TUAW bloggers are ardent fans of Mailplane, a US$24.99 app that turns Gmail's web interface into a dedicated email client....

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