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MakeiPhoneRingtone returns from the Dead

Rogue Amoeba, our favorite weaponized unicellular developer, has ressurected its free custom ringtone utility. Like an uncanny Zombie movie, iPhone firmware update 1.1.2 has dragged MakeiPhoneRingtone back from the beyond. 1.1.2's ringtone support once again allows you to add custom ringtones. Drop ...

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MakeiPhoneRingtone hits 1.1, further obsoletes the ringtones racket

Rogue Amoeba has already updated their MakeiPhoneRingtone application to 1.1, in order to bring in the Cleverboy hack that was discovered the other day. If you missed it, they also posted a guide on how to turn any audio file into an AAC file with their product Fission (but don't forget that iTunes ...

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