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Windows malware found in iOS App Store app

An Apple forum user with the username deesto said in a post that he downloaded the free "Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram" app and his ClamXav tool flagged the file as malware. Further inspection by CNET revealed that the alert was not a false positive and the file did contain a piece of...

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Malware affecting Macs running older versions of OS X

There's new Java-based Mac malware in the wild, but before you run screaming out the door to buy an antivirus app, read the rest of this post. The new malware, known as GetShell.A, requires you to approve the installation of a Java applet. OS X, being the polite operating system that it is,...

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DNSchanger standby servers will go dark Monday 7/9

It's pretty unlikely that your computer is among the 277,000 worldwide still affected by the DNSchanger malware (63,000 of them in the US, per the FBI and CIO Daily), but just in case you find yourself mysteriously knocked offline Monday morning, here's why. From 2007 until the law knocked on...

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Apple responds to spam app Find and Call

On Thursday, Kaspersky Lab Expert researcher Denis Maslennikov wrote about a rogue app in the iOS App Store and Google Play store that secretly uploads your contact list to a remote server and then uses that information to send out spam text messages. Called "Find and Call", the app is...

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Trojan targets Mac-using activists in China

There's a new backdoor trojan exploit out there for Mac users that appears to originate in China, specifically targeted at political activists in the Uighur movement against that country. The trojan appears in email inboxes as a picture attachment which, when opened, secretly installs...

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Apple removes claim of virus immunity

As small as the threat may be, Mac users can no longer claim immunity from attack by malicious software online. Many Mac users are starting to recognize this new reality and now Apple does, too. As noted in a recent PC World article, Apple has quietly removed the claim "It doesn't get PC viruses"...

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Kapersky "disappointed" he can't sell AV software on iOS

Security wonk Eugene Kaspersky is not happy with Apple, since the company won't let his eponymous antivirus firm develop antivirus software for iOS devices. Speaking to The Register, Kaspersky went so far as to say "That will mean disaster for Apple," since malware targeting the mobile...

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Apple doesn't invite Kaspersky Lab to examine Mac security (Updated)

Update: Engadget smelled something funny in this story, and turns out they were right; Kaspersky is now saying that the comment about "working with Apple to analyze OS X" was taken out of context, and that Apple has not invited the security firm to analyze its desktop OS. Full statement is...

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Daily Update for May 1, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player...

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Flashback was earning about $10K per day

People often wonder about what motivates the creators of malware. In the case of the Flashback malware that infected several hundred thousand Macs, it turns out that the motivator was money. A post on the Symantec official blog listed the stages of infection from Flashback: A user visits...

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Oracle providing direct Java support for OS X, updates to be more timely

Macworld and Ars Technica reported late yesterday that Oracle has announced direct support of Java for OS X. This appears to be a reaction to the rather widespread outbreaks of malware that took advantage of exploits in Java before Apple was able to provide an update. This change has been...

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Kaspersky Lab: Apple is '10 years behind Microsoft' on security

Kaspersky founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky told Computer Business Review that malware targeting the Mac is beginning to grow and Apple needs to take notice. The CEO said Apple is "ten years behind Microsoft in terms of security," and asserts that Apple must change its approach towards...

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Twenty percent of Macs examined infected with Windows malware

Sophos looked at 100,000 Mac computers and found that one in every five has some form of malware. This might sound alarming, but before you stare at your machine in disgust, you should get some perspective. The survey looked at 100,000 OS X machines that are running Sophos's free Mac...

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Kaspersky Lab: Macs not invulnerable to malware

The writing is on the wall. Our time of innocence is gone. Researchers from Kaspersky Labs claim Mac market share has finally reached the critical point, and the platform is now an attractive target for online criminals. Kaspersky told Ars Technica and other press on Thursday that, "Mac users...

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Flashback infections down from over half a million to under 150,000 in eight days

According to Symantec, the OSX.Flashback.K infection is declining each day. The current number of infected Macs is now around 140,000, down from 600,000 a week ago. If you think you may be infected, you can run a Flashback removal tool from either Kapersky or F-Secure. Apple also has a tool...

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