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Grand Central Terminal Apple Store previewed for media, opens Friday

Apple previewed its latest retail development for the press today. The Grand Central Terminal store in New York City, opening Friday, will be among the largest Apple stores in the world; it overlooks the Main Concourse from the East and North East balconies of Grand Central Terminal. Check...

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Heatmap shows Fifth Avenue Apple Store is hot place for photos

The image above is a heatmap of photo locations on popular pic sharing site Flickr, put together by developer Eric Fischer. Each dot on the map indicates where a photo was taken in New York's Manhattan borough, with each circled area representing a hot spot of location photography. As ifoAppleS...

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WSJ: Apple still eyeing Grand Central terminal for new retail store

Last week, The New York Observer claimed an anonymous source within the Metropolitan Transit Authority confirmed that Apple has killed plans to lease space within New York's Grand Central terminal. Today, the Wall Street Journal refutes that report with its own sources that suggest Apple is sti...

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Apple's rumored store plans for Grand Central not happening?

The New York dream of shopping for an iPad 2 on the commute to work appears to have come to an end, according to a report by The New York Observer. An anonymous source within New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) says Apple ended plans to open a 16,000 square foot high-profile store i...

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Found footage: the first guy in the iPad line at 5th Avenue Apple Store

It's not surprising at all that someone has already been sitting in front of the iconic 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City. This video was posted this morning (April 1, 2010) and from the discussion with the person who is sitting there, he was in line yesterday. He kind of looks lonely, ...

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Apple to open 40 to 50 new Apple Stores next year

At a media preview event yesterday designed to create buzz for Apple's newest store opening in Manhattan, Ron Johnston, Apple's senior vice president of retail announced that Apple would be opening 40-50 more Apple retail stores in the coming year. One focus will be on opening larger stores overa...

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Line Walk, AT&T Store Union Square

Click To Play See the line at NYC's Union Square AT&T store as of 4:30 pm. ...

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Take a (virtual) tour of the 5th Ave Apple Store

If you're like me (and heavens help you if you are), you long to visit the huge Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City, but that pesky "geography" keeps getting in the way. I know it's not the same, but Apple has offered a small consolation in these great Quicktime VR tours. You can check out si...

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ifoAppleStore to host Fifth Avenue event

So the Mac web is buzzing with anticipation as we all wait for Apple Store Fifth Avenue in NYC to finally open for business on Friday, May 19. To help you get into the mood, ifoAppleStore will be hosting a camp out on Thursday night outside the store. The first 100 people to show up will receive the...

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More fun with Steve's NYC cube

The saga of the NYC cube continues. For the uninitiated, the cube in question is the huge, 5 story glass cube that will adorn the upcoming Manhattan Apple Store. Steve Jobs designed the cube, and is very much in love with it. According to a report at ifoAppleStore, the titanium pieces that hold the ...

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Apple store pr0n: a peek at the 5-story Manhattan glass cube

At least one Flickr user, bhaggs, has posted some images that offer a peek at Apple's new commercial monument to itself - the much-anticipated 5-story, all glass, Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan. As Dave Caolo noted before, construction is still slated to finish in time for the holiday season...

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