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Daily Update for December 3, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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New iMacs rumored to be delayed until next year

A rumor from French website MacBidouille claims Apple's new iMac models won't start shipping until early 2013. Apple has allegedly run into manufacturing problems with the all-in-one Mac and won't meet its target shipping dates of November for the 21-inch model and December for the 27-inch model....

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Made For iPhone manufacturers may have to comply with Apple's supplier responsibility code

There's no gaggle of satellite trucks or eager liveblogs documenting every moment, but one of the most important Apple-related events is going on right now in Shenzhen, China: the annual MFi (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod) manufacturers' conference. This multi-day meeting is the interface, so to sp...

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Foxconn: iPhone 5 is "most difficult" device we've ever assembled

Apple is facing a manufacturing shortage that's affecting the inventory of its new iPhone 5. Delivery times have slipped to 3-4 weeks and analysts are lowering their sales estimates for the holiday quarter. Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles the iPhone for Apple, told the Wall Street...

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Apple's Lightning connector suppliers struggle to meet demand

With the iPhone 5, Apple introduced the new Lightning connector, effectively retiring the old 30-pin dock connector to the dust pile of the past. However, Lighting cables have been in limited supply and currently have a two to three-week wait time in Apple's online store. The reason for this, ac...

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Apple's supply chain increases US production

Apple's effect on manufacturing in the Far East is well publicized, but its influence on homegrown companies is not highlighted. A recent report from AppleInsider takes a closer look at lesser-known companies that have benefited from Apple's success with the iPhone and iPad. Besides the high-pr...

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Foxconn to build new plant for iPhone screens with Sharp's help

Sharp and Hon Hai Precision, parent company of Foxconn, are partnering to improve the LCD manufacturing process for the iPhone. A report by Reuters points to Nikkei business daily report that says Sharp is helping Foxconn outfit a new Chengdu plant with the latest LCD manufacturing technology. ...

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Research suggests Apple could afford to build iPhones in the US

According to reports, Steve Jobs told President Obama about Apple's plan to manufacture its devices in China, saying, "Those jobs ain't coming back." But a new report argues that making Apple devices in the United States is at least feasible. A publication from the University of Manchester says...

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Foxconn to hire safety, lifestyle pros at Apple factory

Life appears to be getting better for the thousands of workers who build our favorite Apple devices in China. Foxconn, the company that builds iPhones and iPads for Apple, is now hiring for several positions that are related to oversight of safety and lifestyle issues at its facilities. According ...

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Apple responds to ABC News' Foxconn report

Earlier this week, ABC News aired a Nightline report that explored the Shenzhen Foxconn factory where Apple products are assembled. Now, Apple, Foxconn, and the Fair Labor Association (FLA) have all issued statements in response to the report. At one point, Nightline reporter Bill Weir asked Foxco...

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Video from ABC's Nightline report inside Foxconn

ABC New's Nightline will air what they're calling an "unprecedented" look inside Foxconn's Chinese factories that manufacture several Apple products. The report will air next Next Tuesday, February 21, but a brief glimpse is available now. A promotional piece shows ABC reporter Bill Weir entering ...

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Fair Labor Association: iPad plant conditions "better than the norm"

While protesters are targeting the Chinese Foxconn plants that make iPads and iPhones, the first report from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) indicates that they may want to start focusing their attention on other manufacturing plants. The comments were made in a Reuters article today highlighting...

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Apple forcing Pegatron to stop production of MacBook Air lookalike Zenbook

Sometimes having a manufacturing relationship with Apple can have unexpected repercussions. Asia-based Pegatron, which makes iPhones for Apple at this time, is reportedly being asked to cease production of Ultrabook laptops for Asus or face the consequences of losing orders from Apple. Ultrabooks ...

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Foxconn plans to build five Brazilian factories to produce Apple products

Apple relies on electronics assembly firm Foxconn to build iPads and iPhones in China. Now Foxconn is reportedly planning to build five new factories in Brazil to help meet the demand for Apple products. There's already one plant cranking out iPads and iPhones, and each of the new factories is expe...

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Why Apple's products are 'Designed in California' but 'Assembled in China'

Look at the back of your iPhone, or your iPad, or on the bottom of your Mac. You'll see the following words embossed somewhere: "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China." Many Americans, all the way up to the President himself, have wondered why Apple has outsourced virtually all of it...

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