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Ortelius: map illustration for the Mac, coming soon

I am not a cartographer, but I do enjoy a good map. Ortelius looks like it will be a very nice addition to any map maker's Dock. Ortelius is a program that has been designed from the get go to do one thing, and do it well: draw maps. As the product page points out addons to other drawing programs wi...

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The latest iPhone Twittering, on a map

I have a confession to make: even though I was there at the iPhone launch, I haven't actually purchased an iPhone. Yes, I'm part of that supposedly small (though I think there are quite a few of us) group of Mac fans who have chosen not to shell out $2k over the next few years to own a little piece ...

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Meander Over Your Digital Maps

Meander, which has just hit version 1.5, is an interesting little application that lets you mark out routes on digital maps. For example, you can download maps from Google Maps or Yahoo Maps (though you're not limited to these) and then plot your own route rather than depending on the automated rou...

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Get a map from any app with MappingService

Like Tim Gaden over at Hawk Wings, I too love Mac OS X's highly underrated Services menu, and Robert Stainsby has released a very handy addition to it: MappingService. This clever service allows you to select an address from any application, say a website, a document or an IM, and simply chose 'Map...

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Google Maps Plug-in 2.4b for Address Book

The Google Maps Plug-in for Address Book is now in a 2.4 beta edition, bringing with it a package installer (PPC only, Intel installer on its way), support for Europe and new localized Google Maps domains, as well as choosing a default country in Google Maps for the plug-in to use. There is a beta e...

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Get Yahoo Maps directions on your iPod

File this under "do it before they get a cease-and-desist" letter. iPod Directions is using the Yahoo Maps API and some clever coding to make it super easy for you to grab directions (and maps!) and put those in your iPod. Or is it on your iPod? Either way, this is a lot quicker than the way I've be...

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