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Run to the top of the list with RankRunner

If you are a competitive runner or someone who just runs because you enjoy running, RankRunner is worth a look but it still has some issues. This free universal app runs on iOS 7.0 or later and will give you an idea how your training and race results stack up against other runners worldwide. ...

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Before Halo we had Marathon -- play Bungie's three Mac classics free

Mac users have always been second-string players in the world of computer gaming. For every AAA title that debuted on both Mac and Windows, a hundred games never reached for that gleaming Apple. Growing up in the '90s, I was a Windows user and never heard an end to the complaints from my Mac gamer...

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Runner's 13-mile trip is a tribute to Steve Jobs

In the days since the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, Inc., we've seen an amazing outpouring of love for the man and his legacy. But none of those tributes has had quite the impact of marathon runner Joseph Tame accomplished with an iPhone (actually two), the Runkeeper app and servic...

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Bungie's Marathon, Swords and Soldiers now available on the App Store

Two games we've been eager to see on the App Store have arrived. First up, the unofficial version of Marathon (that's officially approved anyway) is out and ready for you to play. It's a free app by programmer Daniel Blezek, who translated Bungie's old FPS from the Mac to Apple's tablet. This i...

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Bungie's Marathon definitely coming to iPad

Bungie has open-sourced its classic first-person shooter Marathon (originally released on the Macintosh), which will pave the way for that rumored port to finally make its way into the world. It looks like developer Daniel Blezek is going to be releasing the game for free, which should take car...

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Marathon man preps for second live stream, with multiple iPhones, iPad

Readers may recall our report last year on runner and TUAW reader Joseph Tame, who streamed the Tokyo marathon from a head-mounted iPhone. This year's marathon will be held on February 27, and Joseph has found additional ways to make the 42km run even more difficult. Check out the get-up that he'...

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Marathon coming to the iPad (we hope)

"Will it play DOOM?" This used to be the first question anyone had about a new bit of gear, regardless of what it was. Oddly, the answer kept being yes. Remember DOOM? You might not if you're a longtime Mac user, since the attempts to bring it to the Mac really only met the dictionary definition...

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Track your favorite runners with the ING New York Marathon app

There are some people who regard the prospect of a 26 mile-long run across the bridges, avenues and streets of New York City's five boroughs with eager anticipation, who train diligently for months with single-minded focus to be able to say with well-deserved pride, "Yes, on November 7 2010, I compl...

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Nike+ iPod equals a weight loss success formula

(As a follow up to Tim Wasson's 'An Apple a Day' fitness plan, I thought I'd share my experience on how the Nike+ iPod kit helped me lose weight.) It's high noon in Los Angeles on a late May Sunday. But this isn't your typical Sunday. You see, I'm about to finish my first ever marathon. As I make my...

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iPhone to run Boston Marathon

TUAW regulars probably remember our post about a reader in Tokyo who strapped an iPhone to his hat and used Qik to livestream the Tokyo Marathon. Well, now we're about to see an iPhone run the Boston Marathon. It's a very large iPhone with a developer inside! RunKeeper developer Jason Jacobs has bat...

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TUAW reader livestreaming Tokyo Marathon from head-mounted iPhone

If you were looking for a challenge, you might consider running a marathon with an iPhone 3G strapped to your head. That's exactly what TUAW reader Joseph Tame of iPhoning Japan will be doing next Sunday, March 22nd (Saturday night for those of us in the US). Joseph was one of the 5,000 lucky people...

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Bungie says Mac games are still a possibility

Macworld has a quick chat with Bungie after this morning's big announcement that the company is "evolving" away from Microsoft a bit, and the good news is that a new Mac release from our favorite game developer (before they were bought out by the Evil Empire, that is) is not out of the question. Spo...

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Bungie ponders a Marathon revival

In the latest weekly update from Bungie, a fan asks: "Marathon and XBLA (referring to Xbox Live Arcade): is it at all possible?" Bungie, via Frankie, responds "Of course it's possible, it's just not on any current agenda. If it's any consolation, many, many people think it's a good idea." It sucks ...

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Aleph One -- Marathon for Mac OS X

One of the last things Bungie did before Microsoft bought them (and their flagship game, Halo), was to release the Marathon code into the open source arena. Until not all that long ago, in order to play Marathon 2 or Infinity, you had to run it on a Mac OS 9 machine, or in Classic (or, shudder, on a...

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