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Pitch Perfect is the perfect marketing primer for the indie developer

If you're a developer with an app and a dream, you would do well to pick up Pitch Perfect by TUAW's Erica Sadun and Steve Sande. Their book lifts the veil on how app reviewers, bloggers specifically, operate. Most of the advice I give to people looking to pitch an app is in this book. Added to the...

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DevJuice: Promotion from the Trenches

TUAW Dev Juice talks with Mac developer Lyle Andrews, who agreed to discuss his real-world experience launching applications. He'll be sharing tips and hints about practical app promotion skills. I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and to TUAW readers. The reason I asked you...

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Apple may not market "4G" iPad in the UK

In Australia, Sweden and, now, the UK, Apple is facing opposition over its use of 4G in the iPad name. According to GigaOM, The UK Advertising Standards Authority will release an adjudication on Wednesday that could lead to a new investigation into whether Apple is misleading customers when it...

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Tiesto tracks released inside Tap Tap music game

Disney's always had kind of an identity complex with Tap Tap Revenge. The brand is one of the oldest on the App Store -- it was originally called Tap Tap Revolution, and was eventually picked up by Tapulous and turned into Tap Tap Revenge, a sort of DDR-style music game. Then, of course,...

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Swedish Consumer Agency considers investigation into iPad 4G LTE marketing

The Swedish Consumer Agency is thinking about investigating whether or not Apple's marketing of the new iPad's 4G LTE connectivity is misleading. The agency has apparently received "several complaints" from consumers who have discovered that the new device doesn't work with the 4G LTE networks...

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Apple offers Australian iPad buyers a refund

Apple is now offering refunds to Australian customers who are not satisfied with iPad because it is not 4G, says a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. Apple is selling the device as the ''iPad with WIFI + 4G'' because it operates on LTE networks in the US and Canada. Australian carriers...

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AppCartel offers new crowdfunding opportunity for developers

There's a lot more to building a business with your app idea than simply building the app. Having seen great apps wither on the vine due to bad marketing or poor planning, it's nice to see fresh efforts among developers who aim to enable great apps to find their market. AppCartel is a crowdfunding...

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Facebook nabs former Apple exec Rebecca Van Dyck as head of global marketing

Facebook's Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing brought surprising information: the company has hired former Apple marketing executive Rebecca Van Dyck. Van Dyck served in a similar role at Levi's after leaving Apple. She started working at Apple in January of 2007, and was involved in the...

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App usage doesn't drop during Super Bowl -- except during halftime

Mobile advertiser Flurry's latest report, on app usage during the Super Bowl, is fascinating for those of us who have been following the "second screen" phenomenon: The tendency of mobile device users to use their devices while also watching television or other media. Flurry notes that during last...

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Former Xbox Live marketing exec may join Apple

Apple conquered the smartphone and tablet market, and it may be turning its sights on the gaming market next. According to a report from MCV, Robin Burrowes, the Xbox Live marketing manager for EMEA, has left Microsoft to join Apple. Burrowes will supposedly take over marketing for the App Store...

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Apple, Oreo and Capri Sun top list of popular youth brands

Harris Interactive put together a survey asking American youth from ages 8-24 what their favorite brands were, and Apple came out on top in the computer, tablet, and phone space. That's not too surprising, given how powerful Apple's marketing is (not to mention how great its products are), but...

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Adweek calls Jobs the 'greatest marketer of the age'

AdWeek has written up a nice long retrospective on Steve Jobs and his work, and understandably, they're in awe of the man and what he's done with his company. Jobs wasn't just a genius in terms of building computers and crafting quality, he was also brilliant at making sure that he always set...

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Babies go gaga for Apple? Not hardly

Martin Lindstrom says he found something interesting while doing some research for an upcoming book about brands: He handed a BlackBerry phone to about 20 different babies, and then watched their reactions to it. Without exception, they all reached up to touch the screen of the phone, which...

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Firemint's Agent Squeek becomes Spy Mouse, gets a new trailer

It's been interesting watching the development of Firemint's next iPhone game -- I saw it in action way back at GDC 2010, but back then it was just a prototype without a name or even anything more than a few mechanics. More recently it was revealed as Agent Squeek, and looked like it was coming...

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BrandZ global report puts Apple at #1 most valuable brand for the first time

Apple is the world's number one most valuable brand, according to BrandZ's sixth annual Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Ranking. Apple's rank jumped 84% from 2010 and knocked Google out of the #1 spot, a position the search company held for the past four years. Apple's brand valuation now...

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