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iOS and Android comprised 92.3% of Q1 2013 smartphone shipments

According to a new report from IDC, the smartphone market continues to be dominated by Android and Apple's iOS. Together, the two mobile operating systems accounted for a whopping 92.3 percent of all smartphone shipments during the first quarter of 2013. Impressively, Apple, during the quarter go...

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Apple's share of the U.S. smartphone market now close to 40%

The latest data from comScore indicates the iPhone's share of the U.S. smartphone is growing and is now inching ever so close to 40%. For the period covering the first three months of 2013, comScore's data shows that the iPhone's share of the U.S. smartphone market checked in at 39%, representing...

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iPad commands lion's share of tablet market despite Samsung's gains

The latest Q1 2013 research data from IDC shows that the market for tablets is absolutely booming, growing 142.4 percent year over year. To put that into context, IDC notes that the 49.2 million tablets shipped during the first three months of 2013 is greater than the number of tablets shipped dur...

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Study: iPhone loyalty will give Apple the marketshare edge over Android by 2015

All Things D directs us to a new survey conducted by the Yankee Group which offers a compelling look into current smartphone ownership trends in the US and what the smartphone landscape may look like down the line. Over the past 12 months, the Yankee Group surveyed 16,000 consumers and asked the...

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NPD Group: iTunes owns the internet video market

We'll find out how Apple's financial fortunes are faring a bit later this afternoon, but for now, there's a report out of The NPD Group showing that Apple now dominates home digital video the way it does the digital music market. The numbers are staggering: Apple's iTunes Store had a 67 perce...

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Apple sells 5% of PCs world-wide, makes 45% of the profit

Talk to people who are PC fans and they'll point out that while Apple controls the smartphone market in many respects, the company still only has a small fraction of the global PC market. But as Horace Dediu at Asymco points out, any other PC maker in the world (like Dell, HP or ASUS) would kil...

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iPhone marketshare continues to increase according to latest comScore reports

If you've been listening to the rumor mill lately, you might mistakenly assume that iPhone sales are plummeting. Indeed, a head-scratching and yet oft-repeated argument making the rounds these days suggests that Apple needs to behave more like Samsung if it wants to remain competitive in the sm...

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Mac sales up as iMac supply improves

Mac sales were down for the holiday 2012 quarter due to supply constraints on the new iMac models, but NPD Group data is showing that sales are up 14 percent year over year for January and February. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, that growth is due to improved availability o...

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Apple hit number two in India's smartphone market

IDC has released new numbers for India's smartphone market share and the results are very good for Apple. In Q4 2012 Apple controlled 15.2 percent of India's market, putting them in second place behind Samsung who has 38.8 percent of the market. The second place position is huge for Apple as ...

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If an iPad's a computer, then Apple is the world's PC shipment leader

Is an iPad a portable media device? A tablet computer? Something entirely "post-PC"? The answer, of course, is "it depends who you ask." Let's go ahead and define the parent category for iPads (and other tablets like the Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus) as "mobile screens that r...

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Apple overtakes Samsung as top US mobile phone vendor

Strategy Analytics' latest mobile phone report is out, and Apple's iPhone is the winner here in the US, taking the top spot for the first time in its history. Apple displaced Samsung, which has held the title as America's most popular mobile phone brand since 2008. According to Strategy Analy...

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Survey: iPhones in the hands of 18.5 percent of US smartphone users

Smartphones account for a little over half (53 percent) of all mobile phones in the US, and comScore's latest numbers show that Apple's iPhones now account for 18.5 percent of the smartphones in the hands of American mobile users. That number, from November 2012, is up 1.4 percent from three ...

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Apple at highest-ever iPhone marketshare in US

All models of the iPhone accounted for 53.3 percent of all smartphone purchases in the US in the 12 weeks ending November 25, according to research from Kantar Worldpanel Comtech. That's good news for Apple, as the figure is the highest it's ever been in the US, rising more than 5 percentage ...

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iPhone now said to be top selling U.S. smartphone

Reuters reports that brisk iPhone 5 sales pushed the iPhone's market share over Android's in the three months ending October 31. This information was shared at the Kantar World Panel today. Apple's share of the market has doubled from a year ago to 48.1 percent. That's very close to the record ...

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IDC: Apple extends lead in tablet market

In a bit of news that should surprise almost nobody, IDC & Macworld reported on Thursday that Apple has increased its market share of units shipped in the tablet market to almost 70 percent worldwide. By the numbers, Apple shipped a total of 17 million iPads in the April to June quarter of 2...

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