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Mark/Space introduces GoGadget media synching software

Accurately syncing content and data between portable devices and computers has long been a hassle for users, especially those who tried to venture out of closed ecosystems. Mark/Space and its Missing Sync product came to the rescue of countless users, especially those with Macs who want to sync ...

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Palm Pre owners: Mark/Space has a Missing Sync for you

The Missing Sync line of software from Mark/Space has been around long enough that just about every handheld operating system made can now sync data with a Mac. As a result, it's not surprising that Mark/Space has announced Missing Sync for Palm Pre. The $39.95 Mac application (also available in a t...

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First Look: Fliq Docs

In early January, TUAW featured a face-off between Fliq for Mac and Mobile DropCopy. At the time, I noted that Fliq for Mac and Windows was better in terms of moving content created on the iPhone (address cards, notes, photos) to a Mac or Windows PC, while Mobile DropCopy was better for viewing or m...

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First Look: Fliq Tasks

Mark/Space has added another member to their rapidly growing family of iPhone file transfer applications. The new baby in the family is Fliq Tasks, which joins Fliq for Mac and Windows, Fliq Notes, and Fliq for iPhone. As with Fliq for iPhone and Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks is available in the App Store...

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TUAW Faceoff: Mark/Space Fliq for Mac vs. Mobile DropCopy

A few months ago, Mark/Space delivered Fliq for iPhone, a free utility for sending contacts and photos to other iPhones and iPod touches that are also running Fliq. Later, they shipped Fliq for Mac, a US$19.95 application goes beyond the capabilities of the iPhone app by providing an easy way to m...

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Social networking for iPhone: Fliq your friends

Longtime Mac developer Mark/Space, Inc. has just announced their first app for iPhone, and it's free. Fliq (click opens iTunes) runs on the iPhone and iPod touch and is billed as a "real-time social networking app between friends in close proximity." If you and your friends are on the same Wi-Fi net...

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Mark/Space ships Missing Sync for Symbian

Mac sync software developer Mark/Space has announced the release of The Missing Sync for Symbian. Designed to sync Mac apps to Symbian S60 and UIQ smartphones, the new $39.95 product (electronic download) has a unique feature -- Proximity Syncing. When your Mac and Symbian phone are within Bluetooth...

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Missing Sync for Blackberry out of beta

Rejoice, o ye owners of Pearls and such: Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Blackberry is out of beta and on sale today. $40 for new licenses, $20 for cross-grades from other Missing Sync editions... but wait, you say, isn't PocketMac for Blackberry free of charge now? Yes it is, and you get what you p...

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Missing Sync for BlackBerry Preview Released

Back in January we mentioned the forthcoming release of Missing Sync for BlackBerry from Mark/Space scheduled for a nebulous "Q1 2007." Yesterday Mark/Space hit the mark, making a "Preview" edition available for download. Like the other "Missing Sync" products, the BlackBerry edition will sync your ...

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Mark/Space releases SyncTogether 1.0, the alternative to .Mac syncing

Mark/Space's has at last released SyncTogether, the spawn of their acquisition of MySync. SyncTogether fills the much sought-after void of application syncing on the Mac, a niche which Apple's .Mac currently has cornered. A $50 one-time purchase which covers up to 3 Macs will allow you to sync every...

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SyncTogether - a solid .Mac syncing alternative

One of the key features of .Mac is extensible application syncing. Sure, there have been roll-your-own-.Mac contests, plenty of solutions for individual apps and even a guide for switching from .Mac to Google, but none of these have offered a serious replacement for the entire syncing umbrella that ...

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