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WWDC Lost Episode: Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater Software

Click To Play Digging through the archives we came upon the lost tape of WWDC: an interview with Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software. Red Sweater sells MarsEdit and Black Ink, among other apps. Daniel was kind enough to talk WWDC, iPhone and show us around Black Ink, a very nice...

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MarsEdit 1.2 lands with Growl, Picasa and Vox support

Making good on his word after purchasing MarsEdit from Brent Simmons, Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software has quickly taken up development of the blogging client. Today Daniel released MarsEdit 1.2, a minor update that brings some great features like Growl support (when publishing, refreshing o...

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MarsEdit 1.1.3

Just a scant 4 days since Red Sweater Software acquired MarsEdit there is a new point release available. Now that's quick turnaround. MarsEdit 1.1.3, as you can imagine, is mostly a bug fix release but it is free to registered users and fixes the following things: Fix a bug with LiveJournal blog...

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MarsEdit acquired by Red Sweater Software

MarsEdit is my blogging client of choice. It is simple, straightforward, and streamlined (unlike Ecto, which I also use and enjoy). Today we found out that MarsEdit, formerly of Ranchero which itself was acquired by NewsGator, has been acquired by Red Sweater Software. This is good news for all Mars...

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Five blogging apps I'm thankful for

We are a thankful bunch around TUAW today, in honor of Thanksgiving here in the states. Since I spend most of my waking hours blogging I thought I would give some praise to the five applications that make blogging a breeze on the Mac. This is not meant to be a 'Top Five blogging tools post,' if you'...

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Blogging with TextMate

There is a new screencast up at the TextMate blog showing off how you can blog right from TextMate. Watch the screencast and I think you'll agree with me that it is pretty darn cool. Now, I don't think I'll be giving up MarsEdit any time soon, but it is nice to know there are options out there. [via...

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NetNewsWire on sale for $19.95

Ranchero is selling NetNewsWire - the most popular newsreader on Mac or Windows (and it isn't even available for Windows!) - for just $19.95 until their long awaited 2.1 update ships, which their blog post says is "within the next few weeks." While this is $5 off regular price, they're als...

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MarsEdit 1.1 is available

Just three weeks after the release of MarsEdit 1.1fc1 (an coincidentally during MWSF), MarsEdit 1.1 has made its way out into the wild. MarsEdit is a weblog editor that works with a number of systems, like Movable Type, Radio UserLand, TypePad, WordPress and more. Changes in 1.1 include: Suppor ...

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MarsEdit 1.1fc1

I'm as giddy as a school girl. It looks like MarsEdit 1.1 will soon be upon us as a final candidate release has just been announced. I blog a lot and most my time blogging is spent within the confines of MarsEdit, and I have been watching the development of the 1.1 release very closely and I am exci...

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Favorite Blog client

The Apple Blog wants to know what your favorite blog client is. I have made no effort to hide the fact that I enjoy using MarsEdit for a number of reasons. It is fast, the UI is well thought out, and it just gets out of your way. Ecto, for  my money, has a tendency to over power you with the nu...

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MarsEdit 1.1b6 public beta

We knew that development of MarsEdit was continuing, but the good news of the weekend was that 1.1b6 public beta of MarsEdit is now available: "This release updates the French localization and fixes a few bugs, including a work-around for a time zone problem with some weblog systems. (More details a...

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