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Two Dollar Tuesday features indie apps on the Mac App Store

Two Dollar Tuesday is another indie app sale that started up just recently, but while a lot of the sales we've seen are targeted at the iOS App Store, this sale focuses on what's available in the Mac App Store instead.The idea is that every Tuesday, a few Mac App Store titles will drop down to ...

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Spirits out on Mac App Store now

Spirits is a really amazing title that original came out on iOS last year: It's sort of a Lemmings clone, though the art style and the game's floaty physics mechanics really add a lot of great new elements to that old classic. Now, Spaces of Play has brought the game to the Mac App Store, so if yo...

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iPhoto, GarageBand & iMovie updated in Mac App Store (Updated)

A brief moment of confusion overtook us this morning as we got reports of new versions of GarageBand (6.0.4), iMovie (9.0.4) and iPhoto (9.1.5), with minor bug fixes plus tweaks to iMovie's ability to import projects from the iOS editions of the app. When several of us fired up Software Updat...

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Amazon says 'no MAS' with Mac Download Store

In the next effort to go toe-to-toe with Apple, Amazon took a swing at the Mac App Store and launched the Mac Download Store today. While its offerings aren't as robust as the Mac App Store, Amazon scored some big points by offering Mac software for download that Apple doesn't have -- namely Mi...

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Mac App Store bargains: Plants vs. Zombies and more

The Mac App Store has been a great place to find bargains, and today brings another one that I'm pretty excited about: Plants vs. Zombies is available for US$10, instead of the $20 that PopCap has charged on its website. I've seen several apps that have offered significant discounts in the Mac...

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