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Massively rounds up MMO iPhone apps

Our friends over at massively.com, a site all about massively multiplayer online games, have put together a quick roundup of iPhone apps related to MMO games. Inspired by this week's update to the World of Warcraft app, they've got apps for MMOs like Aion, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and EVE, alon...

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Capsuleer 2.0 for iPhone helps you track EVE Online status

Massively has a good look at an iPhone app that's a must-have for players of the space-based multiplayer EVE Online -- Capsuleer 2.0 isn't an actual client, but like the desktop app EVEMon, it allows you to monitor and track your EVE pilots from outside the game. It's also got skill queues built in ...

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City of Heroes comes to the Mac

Along with EVE Online and World of Warcraft, Mac users have another popular MMO to play with. It took a while, but NCsoft has finally brought their superhero massively multiplayer online game, City of Heroes, to OS X. When we heard the game was ported over by TransGaming, we flinched a bit, but NC...

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Aurora Feint II: The Arena adds asynchronous multiplayer, in-game messaging

Our good friends at Massively got an opportunity that turned us green with envy -- they got to sit down with the devs of Aurora Feint, one of our favorite iPhone games, and see how its fulfilling the "MMO" promise they've been offering up since it first debuted on the App Store. The new game is ca...

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Massively offers bi-weekly roundup of Mac MMOs

Massively, one of Weblogs, Inc.'s newer gaming blogs, recently started a Mac-centric feature devoted to all things MMO. MMOS X is published bi-weekly and tells you all about the latest native Mac MMO's ... none of that virtualized or Bootcamp stuff, only the good native games. So, if you're looking...

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EVE Online on the Mac next Tuesday

The Weblogs, Inc. network of blogs (of which TUAW is a part) announced its newest member today, Massively (covering news about MMO games, and co-lead by yours truly), and right there on the launch page was great news for Mac MMO fans. CCP, the company that makes the great EVE Online, has announced...

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