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SSDs kick up performance for developers and users alike

I'm a developer. One of the things we devs do to pass the time is complain about how long it takes to compile and brag about the power of our development systems. Hot-rodding your system isn't just limited to development, though. There are lots of people out there who sit and wait as their syst...

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Aftermarket Eyes Free Siri button: Could it be possible?

After Monday's keynote, many of us here at TUAW wondered whether an aftermarket Eyes Free button was possible. Eyes Free buttons, which will be integrated into several car lines, allow you to access Siri features by pressing a button on your car's steering wheel. Apple is working with car ...

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Type to your iPhone with Type2Phone and your Mac keyboard

As a general rule, I avoid reviewing apps from friends. You send me a pitch, I pass it along to the team. But when Matthias Ringwald, Bluetooth developer extraordinaire told me about Type2Phone, I really wanted to try it out myself. For $4.99, this Mac app transforms your computer into a wirele...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How can I tame iOS with my Apple Wireless Keyboard?

Dear Aunt TUAW, It would give me great comfort if I could rest my head on your bosom of knowledge and have you answer this troubling question. Auntie, why isn't there better support for the Bluetooth keyboard on the iPad? I mean love my keyboard (no... not as much as you Auntie... silly) but ...

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Hunting for open GameKit solutions

On iOS, GameKit offers a simple way for applications to connect to each other using ad-hoc peer-to-peer communication without having to be connected to a common network. Despite its name, GameKit has been used for many non-gaming purposes as well as for games. These include contact information exch...

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Apple TV hacking: Wiimote footage

Do you remember about a year ago when we showed you a Wiimote working as an iPhone input device ? Jump forward to the new era of Apple TV 2. Developer hacker Tom Cool from the #awkwardtv channel on irc.moofspeak.net has cross-compiled that demo for the ATV 2. You can see it in action in this newl...

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Apple TV Hacking: hackers, grooveshark, Bluetooth stack

Family responsibilities have kept me from posting about many amazing developments going on in the Apple TV hacking community this past week but I assure you that things continue to move ahead quickly and in promising directions. Brian Chen wrote up a great summary of this effort over at Wired. This ...

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Apple TV hacking update: Bluetooth, white lists, ports, cables

We continue to keep track of Apple TV's hacking potential; here's another quick update of the new hardware. iFixit confirms that there's an on-board Bluetooth chip: "The Broadcom BCM4329XKUBG 802.11n Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/FM chip on the Panasonic board is exactly the same as the one we found on the iPa...

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Found Footage: Synergy on iOS

Are you familiar with Synergy? It's an app that lets you share your keyboard and mouse between many computers -- and we at TUAW have been fans of the app for a very long time. We were delighted to learn over the weekend that Matthias Ringwald, otherwise known as the "King of BTstack," has built...

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Add GPS to your jailbroken WiFi iPad with BTstack GPS

A while back, TUAW took a peek at RoqyBluetooth, a GPS solution for jailbroken iPads and iPod touches. Today, Matthias Ringwald has released BTstack GPS. Like Roqy, BTstack GPS offers integrated core location for Bluetooth-enabled devices that lack an onboard GPS system. Retailing for $5 (via the...

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Found Footage: iPhone/Mouse integration

What happens when you combine two amazing jailbreak utilities on the iPhone? You achieve remote mouse based support! iPhone developer Lance "ashikase" Fetters, author of the amazing Backgrounder jailbreak app, wrote a VNC style extension for the iPhone called MouseSupport. It provides a floating...

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