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Mac mini Home Media Center Design Concept

Longtime Mac fans likely know about Applele.com, run by Isamu Sanada, a designer who regularly creates design concepts for imaginary or hypothetical Apple products. Viewing his mock-up gallery is like taking a virtual tour through the Apple rumor community for the last few years:  Apple iPhones...

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TiVoToGo for Mac named in Wired's 2005 Vaporware Awards

Remember those TiVoToGo OS X screenshots we came across in early January? Wired's readers do, and they nominated it as the #10 vaporware (a much-hyped product that never appears) of 2005 in Wired's annual Vaporware Awards. TiVo has apparently been promising the software for months, amidst Apple TiV...

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iTheater RC1 is available

As promised, iTheater RC1 was released today. I only played with it briefly this morning, but I can see where they're going with it. At first launch, iTheater takes over the screen as does FrontRow. You use the arrow keys to navigate through the menus, and other key combinations manage video playba...

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iTheater: One week to go

Don't be sad, Damien, you can have your Mac media center after all! The folks working on the open source iTheater media project have promised that, come hell or high water, iTheater will be released on January 31, which is a week from today. Last week, they announced that the current beta is a unive...

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iTunes 6 shares videos

C.K. thought we had posted on this already, but neither of us could find the post so, here goes: DownloadSquad picked up on a quiet new feature in iTunes 6.0.2: sharing video (along with audio) on a local network. Fortunately, it sounds like you don't have to do anything aside from enabling sharing ...

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TiVoToGo for OS X?

It just keeps getting better and better: Engadget has picked up on a screenshot of what looks like TiVoToGo for OS X. No word on whether this could show at Macworld (my 8-ball says yes, since it's version 2), but it's definitely encouraging to hear of more multimedia options making their way to the ...

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TUAW predictions roundup for Macworld 06 keynote

Alright everyone, we're on the home stretch for tomorrow's keynote, and we thought it would be fun to round up predictions (hopes?) from some of the TUAW bloggers of what will be introduced. Some of these predictions might be honing in on rumors, others could simply be baseless hope for a particular...

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Mac Mini as Gaming Console?

Here's a blogger who speculates that perhaps Apple will create a Mac mini that will be the centerpiece of a media center product. Not a new idea. The difference between his speculation and that by dozens of others in the Mac Web is that he suggests this Mac mini media center product might also be a ...

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